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The benefits of using technology in your speeches

Technology in your speeches can provide numerous benefits that can help you engage with your audience, make your message more memorable, and ultimately, have a greater impact.

But what are the reasons for using technology? Based on your business and the reason behind the speech, the use of technology can help to speed up the process of preparing and delivering a message. The use of technology can also aid people who have visual or hearing impairments, for example through using speech-to-text functionality.

It is worth noting that whilst technology is important, delivering a powerful speech starts with the message. Strong orating skills, be it for a new business pitch or training session will help, and good presentation skills training can help you get there.

What technology can be used in your speeches?

Technology out there designed for speeches can help incorporate visual, and audio, as well as ways the speech can be accessed. Examples of the technology can include speech to text translation, PowerPoint slides, videos, audio, and so much more.

Here we look at some of the benefits that incorporating technology can bring to your speeches.

Save preparation time

The use of technology can have a significant impact on the time it can take for you to prepare a speech. The rise in AI technology such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT can help structure a speech, as well as brainstorm ideas in seconds. This is particularly useful if you are stuck on coming up with topics, it will help you solve this. This can help improve productivity allowing time to do other tasks.

Improve the message of delivery

One of the main benefits of using technology in your speeches is the ability to improve the message delivery. For example, if you use PowerPoint slides to assist your speech, some of the key points can be displayed on the screen, for the listeners to take away. This can also be useful for the speaker to remind themselves of what to say throughout the speech.

If some attendees were unable to listen to your speech in person, you can share the slides online, making your speech far more accessible. You can even record a voiceover on top of the slides helping those who look back make sense of the speech.

The use of speech to text translation can assist certain individuals if they cannot hear for example. Google has now introduced real-time extended transcription feature to it’s Android Google Translate app, meaning this function can be easily accessible to all. An iOS function is on its way soon.

Make the speech interactive

Another benefit to using technology is you can make your speech interactive, which will not only keep the audience engaged but will also visually impact your speech too.

Technology such as the use of videos can not only help what you are explaining, but also give you a chance to take a break from talking, have a sip of water, and prepare the next part of the speech.

If you are using a smartboard, members of the audience could come up and engage directly with any visual presentation on screen.

Use a smartboard as your assistant!

The use of smartboards can help the execution of a speech when slides are involved. Using one can help the speaker move about the stage a lot more, allowing them to get closer to the audience, which will come across more engaging for the viewers.

Smartboards also come with a small device for the talker to press, to change the accompanying slide easily as well as laser onto certain parts of the screen. Many interactive smart boards can be found online, such as the Samsung Flip 2 WM55R and the BenQ RP6502 Class 4K UHD Educational Touchscreen.

In conclusion

It’s clear the use of technology has a significant impact on the delivery of your speech, for many industries. It’s important to remember these benefits can also be useful for other industries, for example teaching in classrooms.

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