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How tech has improved sports betting

The advancements in the sports gambling industry over the last decade have been phenomenal. The habits of gamblers just a generation before would seem like something from the Flintstones cartoon to today’s sports bettors. Leaving the house, braving the weather to visit a betting office and jot down your bets in plenty of time for the advertised start. It’s not even worth thinking about.

Gamblers now enjoy the luxury of gambling from home on their laptop with a user-friendly website or when out and about using a modern betting app downloaded to your smartphone. It can all be done at the touch of a button, paid for by deposits from your debit card or e-wallet and it’s completely secure. This has opened the door for millions more to enjoy gambling on their favourite sports, teams and players at the best Canadian sportsbooks.

We continue to see advancements and improvements to the technology used for online sports betting, from how we bet to how we watch our gambles. In this article, we pick out some of the best online betting features offered by the leading bookies. These aren’t luxuries but, instead, benefits you should insist upon.

Mobile betting

One of the biggest advancements to ever take hold of the gambling industry invention and introduction on online betting. This was a real game-changer as it allowed bookmakers to target customers in their own homes. For a long time we saw betting adverts during live football matches and horse racing meetings. People could sign up, deposit and bet on soccer now! from their home. It became unnecessary ever to leave the comfort of your living room to bet.

The one downside of online betting through websites was you were tied to your home computer. You had to be at home with your PC or laptop fired up to place a bet. That didn’t have much of an impact on in-store betting. Yes, it was more convenient than it had been but many people who were out and about still had to visit betting offices or plan ahead,

Mobile betting changed all that with apps downloaded to Android and iOS devices. This meant we were now in charge of where we bet, how we bet, what we bet on and when we bet. With an app on your device and a Wi-Fi connection the chance was there to turn everyday situations like the commute home from work into an exciting betting opportunity.

Mobile betting is now the preferred choice of the sports bettors. A recent study showed more bets are now placed on mobile apps every day than on websites and in betting offices combined. That will come as no surprise to anyone who has ever placed a bet using their smartphone. They’ll know just how fast, convenient and easy it all is. The main criticism pointed at mobile betting is it’s too convenient, leading to some bettors gambling more than they are comfortable with. Certainly more than they would do if they had to visit their nearest high-street bookie.

Live streaming

If you are after an example of just how far the industry has come on in recent years due to technology then look no further than the live streaming tab. This feature isn’t available at all bookies as it’s still quite an expensive piece of equipment, but the leading betting apps have it, and it’s something that has to be seen to be believed.

You can watch live sports, including horse racing, for free on your laptop or mobile app. The quality of the live stream is perfect, on par with what you would expect to find on a TV in the betting office. You can access every major race free of charge if you have placed a bet on them. Other sports covered include football, tennis, basketball and more. Get the HD quality live stream with no buffering or loading gaps, updated betting odds, live scores and stats and the chance to cash out your wagers.

Never again will you place a bet on sports and be forced to miss the action. Gamble at the bookies and stay on the same app to follow the live stream and cheer home your selections.


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