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How to Calculate Hashrate

When it comes to raising capital through cryptocurrency mining, it is not enough to pick up the best Ethereum pools or analogs you are interested in. First things first, your task is to calculate a token’s hashing power — the measure of its performance for mining. There is a universal rule of thumb. The miners profitability depends on the amount of hash rate put in: the more, the better.


Digital currency mining is exceedingly competitive and requires higher rates of hashing power. In hashes per second, the quantity of algorithms that a piece of tech can execute is assessed. So you will see figures like Sols, Gh/s, and Mh/s, which refer to solutions, graphs, and mega hashes per second.

Its rates differ, depending on what cryptocurrency is considered. With twenty-two Mh/s for mining Ethereum via a 1060 6Gb GPU, the same equipment for mining Zcash will present an average of three hundred solutions. Apart from the hash rate influence, other parameters have an impact:

  • initial hardware costs;
  • extra fees of mining mechanisms like mining pools;
  • electricity costs.


The net mining revenue formula for the Bitcoin mining profitability calculator will include the following calculations:

  • In the framework of a mining pool (for instance, Hive OS can charge a 3% commission, or you can just pay a minimum sum per rig), users consider the number of tokens they can earn via the available hashrate and calculate it by miner hasрrate and then network hashrate.
  • The achieved sub result has to be multiplied by the number of solved blocks per day and the block reward.

Using mining pools, interested parties have to pay attention to what payment distribution method is preferred. In the case of Hive OS, the Pay-Per-Share+ reward mechanism favors those participants who have contributed more in terms of their hashrate powers.


The most appropriate way to determine this characteristic is empirical. With varying hashing rates for unique coin mining gear, the stability of the connection to the server, the process’s parameters, and the impact of other engaged members in the network.

To bring more confidence in the process, interested parties are welcome to apply the advanced services of the crypto profitability calculators. It is a precise and simple method to get estimated income for ASICs, Nvidia GPUs, and so on.

For GPU mining Ethereum without losses, in the long run, the minimum hardware requirement is a GTX 1070 with the hashing power of at least twenty-five mega hashes per second. As practice shows, ASIC miner hardware will be the most advantageous partner, ensuring high-speed mining at a great hashing rate.


All in all, decent levels of computational powers lead to extensive degrees of hashing rates, as well as ever-increasing crypto miner profitability. For the mining process to be profitable, the cooperation of the electricity bills and maintenance fees should complement a hashrate that is high and speedy enough to achieve a target goal.

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