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5 Critical Reasons for Network Traffic Analysis

A Simplified Approach to Choosing Network Traffic Analysis

You are in the “information age”, where it is all about communication and information technologies. With every passing minute, technology is evolving and reshaping your life. To keep up, you should know the options available to you. Options that allow you to monitor and control whichever aspect of technology you allow into your space. One such option is “Network Traffic Analysis (NTA).”

What is Network Traffic Analysis (NTA), and why is it important?

When you ask someone in IT what a term means, they usually respond like this “An ASCII file that commands an applet to run a BCP with small bandwidth forming a BinHex.” Your dilemma at the end of that conversation is knowing you have no idea what that meant. Information technology jargons can block your ability to make informed decisions- especially if you are a novice in IT-related things.

Here is a definition for network traffic analysis (NTA) that is not hiding behind jargons. NTA is one method of keeping track of your network’s activities and level of accessibility to pinpoint any irregularities that happen. Simple enough? But why is it important to know about NTA? Another uncomplicated response is in these reasons:

  1. To guarantee that you can keep track of your network traffic.
  1. To be able to boost how the network performs.
  1. To lessen any chances of attacks on your vulnerable areas.
  1. To improve security for your network.
  1. To manage your resources well. A network traffic monitor is essential for security reasons. Five main ways NTA can improve the way your network performs are: by working to eliminate any threats to your network security, by identifying where there is high traffic on the system, by optimizing the performance of the network, reducing congestion on the web and providing data for management evaluation of the network.

Here are five ways NTA can improve the performance of your network

1. By eliminating threats

Malware, spyware, viruses, phishing and denial of services attacks are all security threats that can impact your network. With these threats, how the network performs is dependent on how it is affected. Network traffic analysis acts as an auditor. It sifts through any communication on your network and provides instantaneous feedback to you.

2. By pointing out high traffic areas

Regardless of where the traffic on your network is centred, NTA can find and analyze it. This benefit of the tool is suitable for security issues but is even better for evaluating productivity. The instrument provides reports that show high traffic areas. Once identified, measures to ensure production is optimal are yours for implementation.

3. By boosting network performance

Suppose you can identify the areas that are using more bandwidth on your network. In that case, it is that much easier to hone the execution of your network’s capabilities. NTA as a

monitoring tool allows you to focus on improvements for your web and not just how to prevent security threats.

4. By reducing network congestion

When your network slows down, NTA acts in a troubleshooting capacity to figure out the underlying cause. The tool does a root cause analysis for you that provides real-time responses to get utilization back to the optimal point.

5. By providing a tool for management to use in decision making

Using a network traffic monitor is not just to satisfy the IT department. It is viable for managers to make informed decisions regarding the business. The tool comes with reports that provide data for any time frame you input- weekly or monthly.

The network traffic analysis tool gives you the freedom to monitor and evaluate your network activity. It keeps security threats at bay while allowing you to perform at your best.

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