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Connection in the Digital Age: 5 Undeniable Benefits of Cell Phones for Senior Citizens

While it might be tough to picture your elderly grandma surfing Instagram on the newest iPhone or cackling at a GIF she’s sent, senior citizens are embracing cell phone ownership in growing numbers. The Pew Research Center found 85% of seniors aged 65 and above are the proud owners of a cellular device. While only 46% of those seniors own smartphones, and their younger counterparts still dwarf their cellphone ownership rates’, there’s no denying that seniors are embracing the digital age more now than ever before.

When it comes to technology, older individuals tend to be associated with resistance towards digitalized communication forms, such as texting, email, or social media. While not all senior adults struggle technologically, some aren’t ready to embrace the digital life, and for a good reason. Concerns surrounding privacy, learning curves, and the deterioration of in-person connections are legitimate. Additionally, hearing or visual impairments leading to reduced reactivity make the process of learning a new device even more laborious.

Still, there’s considerable merit to senior cell phone ownership. From digital storage of contact information to quicker access to emergency services, the convenience and safety benefits of having a cell phone might grow on your elderly loved one.

Choosing a senior-friendly mobile device

If your grey-haired family member isn’t keen on the idea of using a smartphone, that’s okay. Simpler, user-friendly, cost-effective options are out there, but you’ll want to be sure the device you’re looking into checks off a few crucial boxes.

Ensure the phone is easy to use, includes a large and simple-to-read display, and features quality speakers and a long-lasting battery. Cameras for photo-snapping and emergency buttons with easy access are extra bonuses. Look into setting your loved one up with a Lively cell phone, one of the top-rated senior cells on the market.

If you’re still unsure about inspiring the senior in your life to get better connected, check out five significant benefits to cell phone use for old folks.

Easy access to emergency services

As age advances, so does susceptibility to emergencies like age-related accidents or falls. With access to a cell phone, injured or sick individuals quickly contact emergency services and receive help promptly. Knowing that assistance is on the way in a matter of minutes will put both of your minds at ease.

Safe travels

If the elderly individual in your life has retirement wanderlust, you’ll feel a lot better about their travel plans if you know they can easily reach you from afar. With access to the internet, travel planning apps, and navigation tools, their trips will be more structured and less stressful for everyone involved.

Stay socially connected

From Facebook posts to more frequent calls to grandchildren, cell phones offer endless social connection opportunities. Unfortunately, aging can cause loneliness, and a cellular device enables old folks to reach out to long lost friends and stay in touch with those most important to them.

Accessible information

Many elderly citizens admit their memory isn’t what it used to be despite attempts to stay sharp. A cellular device can store critical data like phone numbers, addresses, personal documentation, and dates to remember. Many phones come equipped with reminder-setting capabilities, making social events and physician appointment times easier to remember.

Access to mental stimulation and entertainment

From mind-sharpening brain games available in the app store to motor-skill-developing texting opportunities, cell phones certainly can have positively stimulating properties. Aside from mental exercise potential, phones can become a personal movie theater or search engine in moments of boredom or loneliness. Consistent engagement provided by a cellular device helps your senior loved one feel forever young.

To conclude

Although convincing your elderly loved one to take the leap into hand-held technology may be challenging at first, once they realize the numerous benefits, they’ll never go back. Be patient and loving as you teach them the ins-and-outs of cellphone usage and stay connected through the magic of telecommunication.

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