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A Perfect Web Application Framework In 2018: Top 10 To Consider

When you are seeking in all the factors for effective web development, it is important to have a look on the latest updates and the best frameworks that are going to be trending over the period. So what are the most effective web application frameworks 2018? Just take a glance.

A web application framework is known to be developed with a view to support developers in bringing up and building interactive applications using a single language. The market had been gushed with a wide range of frameworks with varied framework architectures. Getting to know the application frameworks will help developers to formulate and launch feature rich applications.

These days it is really difficult to satisfy users with the long existing features every user is interested in interacting with the latest technology trends. Web development frameworks are available in great numbers. Well, it is however a daunting task to pick the best one from them. All you can do is, have a glance at the services and features offered to you by all of these and your requirements to combine them well.

Top Web Development Frameworks 2018

Here is the list of the top 10 from which you may be able to pick the best web application framework for building your applications.

1- Angular JS

If you keep up with the latest updates, then you may be quite aware about Angular. Angular JS is a Java Script based open source framework, designed specifically for building single-page web applications using MVC architectural patterns. It is a front-end framework known to deal with your web pages. This framework had been through a considerable hype post the release of Angular 2 which was regarded to be a revamp of the first version.

Further, the introduction of Angular 3 and 4 had been an even better change. This Google product is hence a perfect inclusion in the list of topmost web development frameworks. It may be a reliable pick in order to perceive you next web development project with ease.

2- React JS

React JS is known to be an open-source Java Script library , known to be managed and maintained by Facebook along with other communities. This library is also convertible into a development framework and is known to be used extensively for creating user interfaces for web applications. This framework was particularly designed for building large applications with data that tends to change over time.

With React Fibre, there are a lot of interesting features that had been supposed to be introduced. It is just the reimplementation of the core algorithm of React JS. The entire two years of research of the React JS team culminates into it. With many other considerable surprises it is going to be a really big thing for developers. Hence, for your next development project you may utilize the features of this library.

3- Laravel

Laravel counts among one of the best web application development frameworks when we talk about backend web development. Laravel had been lighting up the path for developers since its very inception in 2011. This is a free open source PHP framework, which has all the efficiency for state-of-the-art web applications and follows the MVC architectural pattern. Some of the Laravel features are just like a modular packaging system with utilities, a dependency manager, and different approaches for accessing relational databases and also its orientation towards syntactic sugar. Well, apart from this there are many more reasons which make it one of the best frameworks to be worked with.

4- Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails had been existed as one of the most favorite frameworks for developers. Being a funny programming language Ruby has all potential of entertaining developers during work. There are many popular brands which have got their websites developed with ROR like Airbnb, Basecamp and Hulu. RoR is known to be free and running on Linux since 2005. Considering from a developer’s perspective, working with it is funny and enjoyable. It takes you through various planning stages to the actual development in an easy and faster manner. RoR can certainly prove to be one of the best web development frameworks for you.

4- Node.JS

The use of non-blocking and event-driven I/O is known to be the major idea of Node.JS. This helps them to remain efficient and light-weight in comparison to real-time applications. In simple words it can be said that Node.JS works to fulfill specific needs and is used for particular reasons. Node.JS cannot just be called a framework it‘s an entire environment instead. It had been one of the developers’ favorite and is expected to stay the same for the time that is still to arrive.

Being capable of handling simultaneous connections in large numbers bringing up high performance and scalability it would be the best for creating fast network and scalable applications. When you are looking in for creating a Java Script development environment with the most appropriate tools, this is a perfect pick for you.

5- Symfony

This is known to be a PHP framework that suite the best for large-scale or complex projects at enterprise level. Also, it is known to be a stable framework. Its current version, Symfony 3.1 allows developers for creating scalable websites maintaining flexibility as per ever changing business requirements. Including Piwik, Drupal and PHPBB, there are many considerable platforms. Symfony is known to comprise of a set of PHP components, a Community, an Application Framework and a Philosophy. This is absolutely and advanced and reliable framework for web development.


ASP.NET is known to be one of the best web development frameworks built by Microsoft. Being a powerful tool for powerful website creation, it is known to be highly valued among developers. It had been paving way for appreciable web portals and web apps since its inception in 2002. .NET is known to be built on CLR (Common Language Runtime) which allows developers to write codes with ASP.NET utilizing any languages that are supported by .NET.

ASP.NET had been chosen by a numerous companies as their technology for software development. This is an amazing open source platform holding on to about 15 percent of market share. You can surely take up this for your next development project.

7- MeteorJS

In case you are looking in for rapid software development, Meteor JS is one of the best web development frameworks. You can build faster with Meteor using Java Script both on the backend and the front end. With a collection of libraries and packages, it is known to be a full stack Java Script framework. Meteor considers the concept of other libraries and frameworks and makes application building easier. Web development gets much easier with as it is flexible and requires less coding which subsequently means less bugs and higher quality, scalable application. You may therefore, plan to use it for your next web development project.

8- Cake PHP

Written in PHP this is an immensely popular open source web development framework. It is built on the concept of association data mapping and MCV. The detailed documentations and practical guides that are available with the Cake PHP framework are the greatest advantages that the developers are going to get. This makes coding easier than ever. Though you would have to write fewer codes, you would be able to achieve more. Also, the codes that you have written for projects earlier can be utilized for upcoming new projects too.

9- Yii

This web app framework is known to be quite similar to ASP.NET. Yii had been able to make a probable place for itself in the market as a remarkable open source framework for PHP web development. It has performed the best for building applications for systems that are required to perform repetitive tasks. This development framework is known to come with database attraction layers, in-built component based models, modular architecture and event-driven programming features.

Yii allows you to get your applications running within lesser time, being based on Rapid application Development (RAD). With this framework you can also easily customize your applications as per changing business needs. You can switch to various versions of the framework as per needs. Therefore, when looking in for faster and efficient web development, you may surely rely on this framework.

The above-mentioned frameworks will always let you experience some of the best features in case of web development. However, when you are actually selecting a web application framework, it is not the long list of features that counts but the functionality that matters. So make your choices smartly.


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