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Features of a Good Security Camera

Whether you need to secure your home or business, a security camera is a must-have necessity to protect your assets. Moreover, today’s cameras come with advanced high-tech features, such as motion stabilizing and low light technology, that have made monitoring even better and more convenient than before. With a multitude of options available today, it often feels overwhelming to choose a security camera that fit your particular needs without overrunning your budget. So, what makes a good security camera? This post tries to put some light on the same to help you make an informed decision.

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Important Features of a Security Camera

  1. Ability to record suspicious activities: A good security camera has the ability to record live events. While some security cameras require user input to click photo or record video during suspicious events; others feature advanced motion detection technology that captures pictures or video of any suspicious activity and stores them in a hard disk or a cloud. There may be a few outdoor false positives, such as that of animal intrusions, but these systems are still worthy because they save you from scanning hours of blank footage.
  2. High image resolution: Great picture quality is another important aspect of a good security camera. A security camera should have high image resolution to ensure high-quality visuals over a long distance. For example, with 1080p video capture, even zooming and cropping won’t compromise image quality. It helps you easily see even finer details of the guilty in case of an intrusion or a crime.
  3. A different image capturing modes: Image capturing modes allow you to snap images with the maximum detail possible during different times of the day. For example, you can use a full-color camera to capture images during daytime while night vision mode is for taking imaging during the night when the light is low. There is infrared technology as well, which can capture heat signatures of living objects.
  4. Viewing Angles: If you need to monitor a single wide area, a dome camera or a camera that automatically pans might be desirable. If you are going to install cameras in multiple locations, then they should be able to capture every hotspot in your home or business, such as entrances, exits, safes, and storage. When planning to install multiple cameras in a network, buy a system that is designed for the specific purpose for greater accessibility and ease of use. The home alarm companies may also assist you in choosing the right system after assessing your needs.
  5. Image stabilization and weatherproofing: These are outdoor-specific features that allow high-quality snapshots even when the weather conditions are not ideal. Apart from image stabilization and low-light image capture capabilities, these security cameras also tend to have infrared technology.
  6. Built Quality: If you need to monitor your outdoors, you should choose a camera model that is weatherproof, heatproof and dustproof. Choosing an outdoor-specific camera model will not only help it last longer but it will also ensure clear photos and videos no matter what the weather conditions are.
  7. Storage Accessibility: Some security camera models have the ability to store snapshots or clips to an off-site or on-site storage. Since a thief can easily access on-site storage such as built-in memory card, a good camera has the ability to upload data to off-site storage such as a cloud for complete security and reliability. Although cloud storage may require a monthly or annual fee, it is the most hands-free and reliable data storage approach.
  8. Audio: Not all security cameras come with an audio feature, but there are some models that have the ability to record audio. These cameras are most suitable as a nanny cam or baby monitor. There are one-way sound cameras and two-way sound cameras as well. You can choose the one that fit your particular requirement.
  9. Network Features: Some of the network features to look for before purchasing a security system from any of the home alarm companies, including the following:
    • A wireless remote
    • Playback from multiple cameras
    • Compatible with Android and iOS for remote monitoring
    • Alerts for motion detection via an SMS or email
    • Privacy feature to exclude private areas, like a bathroom

These features have, undoubtedly, revolutionized the conventional security cameras. However, great things come at a price and this is true for high-tech security systems as well. Certainly, the more features you want, the more likely you are to spend on the security system. Hence, it’s important to assess your needs first in order to make a wise buying decision.

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