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Web App Development Guide: How to Select the Best Tech Stack? [Infographic]

Digital technologies have transformed the way we live and they are continuously contributing to the betterment of our life. Web app development is one of the most essential parts of this transformation. Though a lot of new technologies have been introduced to the industry, companies are focusing on developing a website or web application or software to streamline various business processes for customers, associates, and internal staff.

Once you make the decision to go with a web application, the most important thing is to pick the right technologies that help you in building cost-effective browser-based solutions. Selection of particular technologies is a quite challenging job for startups and SMEs as they do not have a team of IT professionals to guide.

Small and mid-sized companies have a limited budget to mark their presence on an online platform. So they need a tech stack that provides the most bang on bucks to get their projects off the ground. Selection of appropriate web development technologies defines success or failure of your application that ultimately affects your business revenue.

Key Criteria of Web App Development

One cannot select a bunch of web app development technologies randomly. Based on varied criteria, an experienced web app development company in USA decides the technology stack for a web application.

Type of Web Apps: Small, Medium and Complex

Customer Experience: Low Latency and Processing Heavy Loads

Scalability: Horizontal (Scale Out) and Vertical (Scale Up)

Time to Market: 3rd Patry integration, Developers Skills, and Highly innovative solution

Maintainability: Codebase and Software Architecture

Development Cost: Selection of tools and technologies (Free or Open Source), IT Infrastructure Setup, Developers’ Salary, and App Maintenance

These are the basic aspects considered by a leading web app company in USA before moving ahead with the projects.

After analyzing these elements, it is very important for businesses to have an overview of the app development process, a complete range of web technologies, and commonly used web development tech stack.

With the help of below infographic, you can get a better understanding of different aspects of web app development services. Discover the most popular frameworks and platforms of Front-end, Back-end, Server, and Database. It helps you to pick the most suitable tech stack for your next web app development project.

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