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How are Wireframes significant in Mobile Application Development?

The smartphone has certainly evolved in the last decade, with there being a phone made for everyone. Starting from the premium Devices to the budget ones, they have progressed from being seen as a status symbol to an absolute necessity for accessing the internet and its related services.

Considering this large user base, numerous of companies desire their app to reserve a seat in their customer’s smartphone while also taking up a particular corner in its notification section.

From here comes the idea of developing simple, elegant and robust mobile apps.

Significance of Mobile applications

The Mobile app idea is highly welcomed in the present as more and more people are keen on giving a try to the mobile app development so as to make their business flourish. So, if you have a mobile app idea and looking forward to formulating that ideation into a robust mobility solution, then obviously, the time has arrived. Considering the rise in technological standards, an increased number of people have shown immense interest in getting their mobile app developed in order to achieve impressive business heights.

However, one thing not to forget is the fact that mobile app development is not that easy. In order to get reserved with a successful mobile app, there are ample of development criteria that need to be addressed. The process of mobile app development comprises of various steps such as planning, wireframe development, designing and one of the most laborious tasks that it encompasses is getting all the phases executed within a stipulated time frame. Now, among them, the wireless creation is the sure-shot to know to exactly determine the strategies that are to be followed by the development team.

So, while proceeding for the mobile app development it is a judicial approach for determining the exact client requirement. Hence, make sure with the wire frame mechanism.

So, what exactly is Wireframe?

The app creation is divided into three levels– beginning with gathering requirements, UI design development and execution.

Each step holds immense value. However, there remains a hidden step, one bridging the gap between the list of requirements on paper, to the clean UI. You must be wondering what is that mysterious step. Well, it’s creating the Wireframes. Popularly known as ‘Skeleton’ or ‘Blueprint,’ they are the core and a low fidelity demonstration of the entire flow of a smartphone application. This way, the mobile app developers take immense care while creating wireframes being the first and most vital step in the process of mobile app development.

How do Wireframes help?

It has always been a tough task to get the entire project development team on the same page in regards to how the various functionalities are tied into the UI, process flows, etc. It is usual that the client, the designer, and the developers envision the app’s functionality in some ways and the chances are that all of them could be right. However, it may prove critical to validate these ideas at the UI design stage as it consumes a lot of time to create a refined UI design as well as to revise the said design time.

This is where Wireframes come to your rescue.

Wireframes are of great help as it comes to mobile application development, as it is a blueprint or a preliminary outline of future mobile application giving an idea about the flow and design of the app when it is being built. In this manner, every mobile app screen is displayed in wireframe portraying all the features, pop-ups, buttons, icons and much more.

Wireframes: Changing the scenario of app development

Let’s take a look at why the wireframe is up-and-coming in the process of app development.

Crucial in understanding the working process of mobile app

Wireframes are regarded as a sketch of the app structure by the professional app developers, be it an iPhone or Android because they have a strong base to it. With the help of Wireframe, they get an idea as to how the app will work as it is a vital link between an app idea and the final product (mobile application). It is crucial to understand the visual sketches in the mobile app development and a comprehensive study of Wireframes offers the very idea of deployment and coding required for execution and development of the app. After all, a brief idea never helps in making the mobile app specific and as desired.

Useful to measure app usability and check out the changes

The process of mobile app development involves constant modifications as per client’s requirements. In case the app is complex, then there could be a massive amount of changes, making it difficult for the developer to keep in mind each one of them. This is where Wireframes prove to be of great help as the app development Wireframes history gives the exact idea of the app changes to the developers, moreover bifurcating the work done, if the completed portion of the app developed is feasible as per the targeted audience.

Besides all this, Wireframes can be the most desirable alternative to allow the app owner find the usability of the app and how appropriate it can be to the targeted users. It is also useful in fixing the issues in the app at a much better pace, thus helping the app owner attain their goal.

Ensures real communication and teamwork

The app development procedure involves teamwork, thus to work together in a good rhythm, relative Wireframes are required to be shared among the team members comprising of developers, testers, designers, etc. Through Wireframes, each member of the team is kept in the loop of the updates for app creation. That way, the communication between app developers and UI/UX designers is crucial as any issues here can invite massive design errors.

Wireframes allow the clients to become an active member in the app development process with outlines being shared with them, while their suggestions are highly welcomed. Thus, Wireframes ensure a solid teamwork in the process of mobile app development.

Integrates Visual Branding and Awareness

Visual branding holds a key in the scenario of mobile apps with visual elements such as logos, taglines, pictures, etc. being vital and requiring constant access to websites and mobile apps. Using Wireframes the app developers can build brand elements as per the needs of the client as it helps them in zeroing upon the most viable design as per the app requirement. Majorly, Wireframes are critical for business apps as it offers a clear idea to the designers regarding what kind of elements must be comprised of the screen.

Knowing well the importance of animations in the gaming apps, app developers, with the help of Wireframes, can take the right actions regarding the display and the level of animation that must be there in the app. This way it is easier to create the right kind of interactivity and enhance the app’s navigation structure.

Cost advantage and app promotion

Creating Wireframes for the development of mobile apps prove beneficial in cost as well. Get on the paper all the enhancements, changes and tweaks. Then simply compare the process whenever desired during the app development. This is also useful in rectifying the errors, then and then, thus saving money, which can be later used to rework the whole scenario.

In the case of app promotion as well, wireframes do wonder by highlighting the designing process to the potential users from the initial stages. Moreover, they can prove to be significant in the brilliant amalgamation of powerful marketing and information sharing tool.


Wireframes play a crucial role in the app development process, giving the developers an accurate idea of the structure and functionality of the app. They not only cut down the production and refinement time of the app, but also offer brilliant coordination during the entire mobile app development process. This way, wireframes play a significant role in developing appealing and innovative mobile apps.


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