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5 Amazing Technologies That Are Changing How HVAC Works

New technologies have made the current HVAC systems to lower the amount of energy required to heat or cool your building. This cannot be said about the old HVAC systems; they were energy hogs which consequently, were expensive to run.

There have been tremendous efforts to reduce the HVAC energy consumption and to reduce reliance on fossil fuel. These new technologies have made it easy to even program your thermostats from a wireless connection.

The following are some technologies that have completely changed the way HVAC companies work today.

Incorporating the smart technology on your HVAC

The internet of things is changing the way we live and interact with devices around us. Smart HVAC systems can program themselves and can even communicate with you in different ways. With this new technology, your AC will alert you when it is not performing at an optimum. It can even schedule AC repair appointments without your help.

Use of green building design

Green building design is intended to take advantage of the natural flow of air in designing ventilation to reduce energy costs. It also involves the use of building materials that assist in keeping the temperature of your home stable during the cold or hot seasons. This reduces overreliance on high powered energy from your HVAC unit for heating or cooling.

Use of solar powered HVAC

The sun is an excellent source of energy and can be harnessed for heating and cooling. To warm the house, heat energy from the sun can be used to heat fluid contained in a solar HVAC system. This fluid (usually a mixture of water and antifreeze) is then run through a heat exchanger. This process produces heated air that can warm your building. To cool your house, the solar system utilizes the evaporative cooling method. Cooling of the air in your home is obtained by forcing an evaporation of water. What most people do not know is that you can fit your existing air conditioner to a solar panel. The solar panel will generate electricity which will run the system, significantly reducing your energy costs.

Geothermal HVAC

This technology entails running of pipes underground in a depth of about six feet. Since the temperature on the ground is pretty stable, water that runs through these pipes is continuously heated or cooled depending on the time of the year. An outside unit in the house then uses a fan, compressor and a powerful pump to generate regulated air in your building.

Incorporating water recirculation technology

This new technology is efficient and saves money, water, and energy. It also helps in delivering hot water promptly. It involves installing an “on command” pump that is attached to the cold or hot water lines under the bath or kitchen fixture of your home. When activated, the system sends cool water back to the heater through the pipe containing the cold water. This avails hot water at any time.

An AC repair or service (like the AC filter cleaning tutorial on might be all you need to restore the efficiency of your system. However, If you want to tap into some newer technologies, you need to do an analysis of how much energy your building uses. A professional can help in doing this kind of analysis. After the audit, you can decide on what changes to make to your HVAC system or if you need a complete overhaul. You just might be able to lower your bills on power.

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