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Introducing Thermo-Sense: The Latest in Diurnal Wire-Free Camera Technology

Motion detection systems sometimes work a little too well. If there’s a strong wind, for example, a moving branch may trigger your motion sensor alarm. Some systems are so sensitive, they can even be triggered by changes in sunlight or shadows. If your motion detector is triggering false positives all the time, it undermines the value of your security system. Excessive false positives can potentially cause authorities to ignore your alarm when a real event occurs, while wasting power and surveillance storage space with unnecessary recordings.

Infrared Sensor cameras represent the latest breakthrough for optimizing motion sensor technology. Thermo-Sense brings motion sensor systems a leap forward by using heat instead of light to detect motion, with improved sensitivity for distinguishing real events from false positives. Cutting-edge Lorex cameras combine Thermo-Sense heat detection with the latest innovations in security camera systems, including high-definition resolution and wireless technology. Here’s a closer look at how Thermo-Sense is revolutionizing home security technology.

The Science Behind Thermo-Sense

All matter in the universe with a temperature above absolute zero emits thermal radiation, more commonly known as heat. Very hot bodies emit larger amounts of thermal radiation, while cooler bodies emit less. For instance, a human being or a vehicle emits more heat than a small bird. This means that by detecting thermal energy, thermal sensors can detect when a heat source is in the area and distinguish a large heat source from a smaller one.

Thermal radiation lies outside the visible range of the electromagnetic spectrum, so it cannot be seen by the naked eye. However, it can be detected by specially designed infrared sensors, such as those used in Thermo-Sense.

Thermo-Sense in Action

Because Thermo-Sense Infrared Sensor systems are designed to detect heat rather than light, they can detect motion even in low-light conditions, such as bad weather. As soon as a body with sufficient heat comes within range of a Thermo-Sense perimeter, the object is detected and the camera system begins recording the event.

Thermo-Sense detectors represent an advance on traditional motion detectors, which rely on breaking a beam of infrared light to detect motion. This technology in its more outdated form can pick up motion from very small objects or become unreliable if a sensor gets too warm, triggering false positives. Thermo-Sense is designed to only respond to heat sources, adjusted only to register heat sources large enough to represent real threats, minimizing false positives.

Combining Thermo-Sense With the Latest Surveillance Technology Innovations

Lorex Diurnal Wire-Free Security Camera Systems combine Thermo-Sense capability with the latest surveillance technology innovations. Once motion is detected, the camera begins recording in 1080 Full HD resolution. This provides clear color depth, with enough clarity to record suspect identifying details such as hair and eye color and license plate numbers. For low-light conditions, six LED light bulbs project invisible infrared light on subjects up to 150 feet away, providing night vision capability that enables details to be distinguished even when it’s cloudy or semi-dark.

Thermo-Sense camera systems also incorporate wireless technology advances. Wireless connectivity makes installation easy, while providing greater flexibility for placement of cameras. Recorded footage is transmitted wirelessly back to a DVR for recording and storage, with 1 TB of storage space provided and an option of expanding to 6 TB of storage space. The camera system’s mobile app lets you monitor your surveillance footage from any location using your smartphone, tablet or other device.

Thermo-Sense combines with innovations such as high-definition resolution, night vision and wireless technology to make Lorex’s diurnal, wire-free cameras one of today’s most revolutionary surveillance options. If you’re looking for a motion detector surveillance system that combines reliability with high-quality image capture, low-light capability and easy installation, you’ll want to check out the latest Lorex home security systems.

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