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Published on July 9th, 2018 | by Sunit Nandi


Here’s How To Fix Common Watch Glitches

Wristwatches are yet another one of the most important accessories in the life of a human being. It helps us to keep track of our schedule. The first wristwatch manufactured was in the year 1812. It was designed so that it fits the wrist of the queen of Naples. Though it has been previously introduced in the year 1570, it gained popularity only after the watch companies started manufacturing men’s wrist watches for the military purpose during the WWI so that the soldiers can keep track of their time and also keep their hands free. Over the years, wrist watches went through changes in many aspects such as in its material, working style, and utility. But why are they still popular when people have mobile where they can easily keep track of their time?

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The importance of wrist watches

Though technology is overpowering all the traditional accessories, there are some accessories which will evolve but remain constant. One such thing is mens watches. Even though they have gone through dynamic changes in terms of style, shape, material and of course price, you can still find them on the wrists of people of all ages. But what made them still worth wearing? Let us have a look at it:

1. The phone is not always environment-friendly

Checking your watch for keeping track of time is much better than checking your mobile every now and then. Most people usually hate it when someone frequently checks their phone. Though you may justify it for checking the time but still, it is something that you should avoid.

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2. Get your hands free

There are plenty of smartwatches available in the market which can be used for checking times as well as checking messages. These are an excellent choice for keeping your hands free.

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3. A great accessory for matching your style

There are plenty of designers watches available these days which can be used as styling accessories and can be easily paired up with most of your clothing. Moreover, most of the people have grown a habit of wearing watches all the time. So, when they don’t wear it, they feel incomplete.

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4. Completes your style statement

Just like the layering of rings or bracelets are required for completing the makeover of attire. Similarly, a fancy or classy wrist watch can bring in more meaning to your style statement.

5. Unleash your wilderness

Unlike other attires and accessories, watches don’t need any particular wearing occasion. Can you wear a pop color blazer or shirt in a meeting? Of course no! But, if you love fancy colors, then you can easily wear a funky watch anywhere you want to. You can hide it underneath the cuffs or can even flaunt it where there are no rules and regulation regarding watches.

Like everything watches come with pros and cons. The main drawback is that watches do require minimum maintenance as they are made with tiny mechanical parts. Let us have a look at some of the most common problems that user faces with their wristwatches and how to solve them.

Common watch malfunctions

1. Watch stopped working

Watch users often face this problem. The most common cause of this problem is that the battery has died out and is needed to be replaced with a new one. Most of the batteries that are used in watches can be used for two years at a stretch. But, there are some batteries which are specifically used in quartz watches which have longer battery life, and they usually last for around three to four years, so, if your watch stops working, the first thing that you need to do is take it to the technician and have your battery replaced.


2. Secondhand skipping seconds

This is another indication that your battery is going to do soon. This is a feature that manufacturers use in their watches where there is an electronic circuit detects the life of a battery. Whenever it detects that the battery is getting low or about to die, it starts skipping several seconds at a time so that the user understands that the batter needs to be changed. Once the batter is changed, the watch will start functioning normally again.

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3. Battery getting dried out soon

It is a common problem that the chronographic watch users face. In normal watches, all the battery needs to do is power one mechanism that controls three hands. But in the chronograph watches, the battery need to power more than that. Moreover, keeping the chronograph running requires the battery to put in more juices to run than just basic timekeeping. So, if you want your battery to run longer, then turn off the chronograph whenever you don’t require it.

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4. Secondhand ticking back and forth at the same place

This is an indication that your watch needs maintenance. This usually happens when the electronic functioning of the watch is still working, but the mechanical functioning of the watch has stopped working. There can be many reasons behind this, but service maintenance of the watch can correct it all.

5. Watch stops working after its worn

This is a common problem which can be explained by basic physics. This is a problem usually occuring when there is an expansion in the mechanical structure of the watch. Whenever the watch is in room temperature, the contact points of the watch and the circuit is working normally, but whenever it gets in contact with the skin, the temperature of your body expands it which breaks it circuit connection. A visit to a watch mechanic would solve this issue pretty easily.

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6. Alarm stopped working after replacing the battery

The most common cause of this problem is because of the loose connection of the alarm contact spring. A watch mechanic can fix this easily by putting back the spring where it actually belongs.

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