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Top Tips on How to Earn Passive Income on Instagram for Newbies

For the past years, Instagram has become a new tool of marketing for business owners. Today, there are around 100 million active users each month. Indeed, the numbers are overwhelming.

As such, brands are investing a huge portion of their social media marketing efforts for Instagram. This is the best time to join the tide.

Thus, if you are ready to put some time and commitment, you can find yourself in a position where you can make serious passive money on this channel. Here are some tips on how to cultivate income at Instagram:

Attract New Followers Every Day

To build your marketing presence, make sure that you have strong instagram followers. See to it that your audiences are loyal. Then, start building a working partnership with them.

Put all the right information in your bio including your location and contact data. Then, you can add some hashtags so you will be easy to locate. Search the best hashtags to use and incorporate it into your bio and posts.

Make it a habit to post regularly. To grow your followers, post great images every single day. However, do not post various contents all at once because this will be used against you. The quality of the photos must be amazing that it will catch the attention of the whole wide world.

Use a good camera to take quality pictures. If you post a weak image, then it will not attract followers on Instagram.

Finally, engage with your followers to build a relationship. Like their pictures or answer their comments on your posts. If you are authentic in commenting, people will get attracted on your account.

Try Affiliate Marketing

Bloggers use affiliate marketing to promote a product or service and get paid with it. The same is true with Instagram. You post photos featuring the products or services. Then, you can drive sales by sending the interested buyers to an affiliate URL.

This type of marketing is popular in the fashion industry. Influencers put links of their outfit on their bio or posts. Meanwhile, for those in the travel industry, you can try affiliate marketing by reviewing venues or hotels. Or you can start by reviewing travel brands.

The idea is to show among your followers that the product or service that you featured fits your lifestyle. Also, this is to show the brands that you can make things work and they must trust you.

Create Sponsored Content

Instagram users can earn money by writing sponsored content for various products and services. This will highlight the product on the channel through an image or a video. Usually, the posts are accompanied by hashtags, links, or mention of the brand.

Make sure that the products or brands that you tap are a good fit for your Instagram page.

Sell Photos

Use Instagram for selling your awesome shots. If you are a photographer, this is a great way to sell your pictures to big agencies. Just add a watermark on it and provide selling details on the caption.

Surely, one of your many Instagram followers will be interested in buying your photos. Thus, post them now!

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