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How Virtual Reality Could Give Bingo A New Lease Of Life

Bingo continues to attract players both young and old thanks to the simplicity of its gameplay and the chance to win cash prizes. Despite a shift to playing casino games online, the game’s popularity has not been greatly impacted. In fact, it has opened it up to more audiences. Now virtual reality offers another reason to play. Indeed, the technology is bridging the gap between the game’s roots as a social activity and modern equivalents for the connected generation.

Bingo’s origins can be traced back to 1530 when Italians started playing “Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia”. Over centuries, it spread to other European countries, becoming popular in France, Germany and the United Kingdom before beginning to take off in the United States around the time of the Great Depression. Still played in casinos today, more than $90 million is spent each week in North America alone.

While staying true to its traditional gameplay, bingo has managed to adapt and evolve as technology has changed. In the bingo halls themselves, mechanical machines that draw numbered balls have been replaced with digital alternatives.

Meanwhile, online gaming platforms have enticed an increasingly younger customer base to bingo with attractive offers for smartphone players, including free bingo bonus deals and no deposit offers. The UK even unveiled what is thought to be the world’s first dedicated immersive bingo experience. It features theatrical drinking and dining alongside dramatic pyrotechnics, a custom-made bingo blower machine and a state-of-the-art sound system.

Of course, online bingo has helped it reach a much larger audience. It has meant players haven’t had to leave their homes to play, cutting down on travel time and costs. However, socializing has always been connected with bingo. Indeed, it is used in retirement and nursing homes for recreational therapy and to encourage social interaction. That’s why virtual reality could bridge the gap between the traditions of the game and modern technology.

With the popularization of VR, bingo is likely to follow the same trends that have impacted slot machines, which have also found a new lease of life online. Once users are in their game, the immersive nature of VR could be matched with a new level of social interaction. You could scan the room, see and communicate with fellow players, and check your scorecard. This could be done with the convenience of online gameplay from the comfort of your own home.

Still in its infancy, the increasing affordability of VR technology means the potential audience for VR bingo is also increasing. Fittingly, we’re seeing the emergence of new platforms. Bingo Extremo, for example, is a High Fidelity VR game played in real-time with other avatars for cash and other prizes.

Despite the shift from traditional land-based casinos to online platforms for many players, the game continues to attract a diverse audience, with bingo primed to offer another portal within which VR can showcase its strengths.

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