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12 Essential Travel Apps Every Traveler Should Download

Ever wondered how to manage all the booking flights, hotel reservations, and other related activities? Being in a technology sphere, you need to upgrade yourself with the help of Travel Apps. Now instead of going to the travel agent, you can take the help of your smartphone and download the best traveling apps on your iPhones, tablets, and Android.

Travel apps connect us with our near and dear ones, help us plan trips and save us from the hassles of lengthy planning procedures.


Below are the best 12 travel apps:

1 . Sky scanner

Sky scanner.jpg

Sky scanner is available in 30 languages and has around 50 to 60 million users. This app specializes in searching for hotels, car rentals, and flights. Always assure that you turn on the price list, so you will be informed about any changes in flights, car rentals or hotels. There are certain times when you are not able to decide where to go for a vacation, then Sky scanner app comes to your help. This app allows you to select the ‘everywhere’ option and you will get various destinations to choose.

2. Seat Guru

Seat Guru.png

There are many places you want to travel through the plane. Seat Guru App will help you in finding a perfect place. The most important aspect out here is the seating arrangement. Many airlines are not profound in this. They can change your seat at the last minute. If you need a window seat or want to sit next to your friend, then Seat Guru App is there at your service. You can also set an alert for your desired seat. TripAdvisor has developed this app, so you can expect exclusive service. They are helping travelers since 10 years regarding the best plane seat.

3. Packing Pro

packing pro app.png

Many travelers pay additional charges for their extra luggage. If you are one of those, then this app is for you. Packing Pro guides you in what to pack and what not to, regarding your destination and travel dates. You just cannot pack any stuff that is no way relevant to the destination you are going to. Packing Pro helps you to manage your baggage space only with essentials, important documents, and necessary clothing.

4. Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor.png

You can get the best reviews from travelers through the TripAdvisor app. What best thing you can do in the city that you are visiting? What hotel, any sight-seeing place can I opt for? TripAdvisor provides this feedbacks from the reviews of the on-going travelers. You can benefit from these reviews and act accordingly. Many travelers also post friendly reminders for other travelers to guide them.

5 . TripIt


TripIt app organizes your travel itinerary and manages everything. You need to collectively store all the details about plane tickets, car rentals, and hotel details in one online itinerary. Along with this information, you can also add weather info, and maps to get the most of your vacation planning. Through the TripIt app, all your details will be stored in one itinerary and you can then book hotels, theatre, and other activities accordingly.

6. XE Currency App

XE Currency App.png

XE Currency app is free and easy to use. You can get all the information for exchanges and know how much additional you are paying for the services. This application is based on live data, therefore you can rely on as the information will be correct. XE Currency supports all the currencies in the world, so where ever you are it will not matter. It will cover all the money exchange rates. You can download this app in your mobile and refer to it whenever in need. This will avoid your trip to go to any money exchange company.

7. Izi.Travel App

Are you a lover of history (about places, cities)? Then izi.Travel app is for you. It is a combination of audio guides from around the world, in which it covers a vast variety of topics about countries, cities, etc. This app mentions the history of that particular place, the best food joints, points of interest and certain tips that must be followed. You can download it for free on Android and iOS and can listen to the audios while traveling on road.

8. Flight View App

Flight View App.jpg

This app is perfect for keeping track of your flight status. Through this app, you can know if the flights are delayed or early. Instead of going to the airport, you can download this travel app in your mobile device, and get notifications about your upcoming flight status. You can also use it when your family or friends are arriving. It will help you in reaching timely to pick them up.

Flight View app is available both in Android and iOS.

9. Google Translate

Google Translate.png

While traveling to another country or city, the main problem that arises is the communication of the language. If you cannot understand or speak the related language, you cannot communicate. Travelers used to carry dictionaries along with them and used to take a lot of time, flipping and understanding the words by translating.

Now we have many apps that help us instantly by translating the matter. Google Translate, is one of the finest apps among all. It translates text, website and you can also use the conversation mode too! It is available in many different languages and is easy to use. Google Translate enables travelers, employers, medical staff, professionals, students, and others to converse easily and break the language barrier. This keeps them connected.

Google Translate is available on both Apple and Android.

10. Airbnb

Airbnb app.png

While researching for hotel accommodation, you will find multiple options. But some will be too expensive and some maybe not even worthy. You need to download the Airbnb app, for your desired choices of places to stay. You can book your unique accommodation through Airbnb and make your trip relaxing and exciting. This will avoid unnecessary hassles and equally save your time.

11. Yelp


Yelp app helps you find the best food joints, where you can dine and relish the best cuisines. It becomes very difficult if you are traveling to a new country or location, as you do not have any idea about the restaurants. Here, Yelp can help you out in selecting great food places according to your specific diet.

12. Wi-Fi Finder

Wi-Fi Finder app.png

You cannot imagine your travel without Wi-Fi. It is very necessary, as mostly all the activities are related to it and keep you updated. While traveling you can surely opt international data plans, butthey are very costly and are therefore not recommended for a longer duration. These plans may be available at some selected places only.

Wi-Fi finder can be downloaded for both paid plans and free Wi-Fi locations.


These travel apps make our travel experience easy, and memorable. They are available on all mobile devices and are flexible to use. Instead of wasting time in online researching and going to any travel agent, travel apps guides and helps in all stages.  Thanks to the upcoming technology, these travel apps have made our traveling interesting.

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