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What is a Hydraulic Cylinder – Types and Leading Manufacturers 2021

What is a Hydraulic Cylinder?

Since the 18th centenary, designers have been providing the power of liquid pressure to do hard work; Hydraulic cylinders are devices that leverage pascal’s law of fluid mass which states that pressure used on fluid will be exercised throughout the fluid in all directions. And they are usually used in heavy lifting equipment, heavy machinery, presses, trailers, railroad, equipment, material administration tools, farming and much more application that require no-spark, high yield power.

Hydraulic Cylinder manufacturers design, machine, and finish water-pumping Cylinders to ensure they can handle the extreme stress and their rugged application.

Hydraulic cylinder suppliers will distribute various standard and non-standard hydraulic cylinders for interested customers; these suppliers will have rated requirements, output forces, working, fluids and related information on their product and can help designers find the best hydraulic Cylinder from their stock.

Five various types of Hydraulic Cylinders

The difference in the design of cylinders differs in its application and industry, and the typical variations include the wall depth of tube or end cups and the methods used for connecting end caps, the material used, the working pressure and temperature.

  • Telescopic Cylinder

This is a single or double-acting cylinder telescopic Cylinder that includes more than five tubing’s nested inside each other these nested tubings are called stages, and the breadth of each nested tube will become more secondary.

  • Single-acting Cylinder

The head end port of these cylinders will function in a single direction. When the solution gets pumped into the cylinder pipe, it will extend the piston rod for creating the return operation. A load string or any external force is required for applying energy; the fluid will drain from the barrel to the reservoir.

A hydraulic jack is an example of a single-acting cylinder spring extend; a single-acting Barrel is used in holding workpieces for a long time. Hydraulic pressure released brake is an example of the generally used variety of single-acting Cylinder types: spring return.

Best Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturer in 2021


HYDAC is a fluid design solution provider with products ranging from ingredients to complete hydraulic and electronic systems for various applications. Their stock line includes a cleaning system, sensors, controllers, cooling methods, accumulators, hydraulic cylinders, and many others more.

  • Caterpillar

Caterpillar is the world’s first manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, turbines and diesel-electric wood-burner; their hydraulic cylinder assemblies are sold in separate parts and kits, with the option to buy new or remanufactured cylinders within any specification aspired.

  • Bosch Rexroth Corp

Bosch Rexroth Crop is a global engineering firm that produces control and motion systems used in manufacturing and mobile equipment, headquartered from Lohr am Main, Germany. Their products include assembly technologies, electric drives and controls, gears, industrial hydrodynamics linear motion projects, moulding and casting technology, robotics, and more They have related services to secure paired customers succeed in their applications.

  • Texas Hydraulics

Texas hydraulics of temple TX is a custom hydraulic cylinder business are for OEMs, assistance, road service, mining, material handling, public service, underground development construction, oil, gas, waste, transportation, or farming, support and many more markets they can walk customers into the design to manufacturing to value-added service to ensure their colours or system water-powered system will fit the needs of their employment and have an expanded inventory of configurable light to heavy-duty cylinder choice to choose from.

  • Parker Hannifin

Parker Hannifin is a global supplier of precision-engineered motion and control technology for advertising, mobile, manufacturing, and aerospace. In addition, Parker is the leading international business of hydraulic cylinders and actuators for mechanical application. The wing has an extensive selection of accumulators, linear actuators, grippers, stage and related accessories; they control around 13000 global situations and are run from their bases in Mayfield Heights, OH.

  • SMC Corporation

SMC Corporation is a Tokyo based global company of automatic control equipment, sintered filters and filtration equipment. They sell complete pneumatic control methods that provide standards fitting and switch inputs needed to build a state-of-the-art air control system for any need. They deliver their products to Japan, the US, Europe and China and own factories in 30 Countries.

  • China hydraulic cylinder

HC is Chinese Hydraulic cylinder manufacture and innovator located in the Southeast of China; it was established in the year 2000. HC Hydraulic cylinder has been the very trendy manufacture for Hydraulic Cylinder from the 2000 year. In addition, HC has commenced the service with one Portuguese China hydraulic Cylinder.

China Hydraulic Cylinder is the pressurized hydraulic solution to produce force and linear motion. We can use these cylinders in a variety of power transfer requests.

China Hydraulic Cylinder is of two types. One is single, and the other is double action single action hydraulic cylinders pressurize the movement only in one direction where the other Cylinder can move along both axes.

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