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Did You Know These Burglar Secrets?

When it comes to protecting your property and possessions, sometimes you have to look at things the way a burglar might. Some precautions may be obvious, but others are more subtle and can be surprising.

Burglars May Have Familiar Faces

Often, burglars stake out a house before they break in, in order to get to know the home and it’s security vulnerabilities. This can happen in a few ways.

  • They may scope out your house for days leading up the burglary. Keep an eye out for unfamiliar people or cars, and report any suspicious behaviour. It is also common practice for burglars to scope out homes at night, under the cloak of darkness, to get an idea of potential valuables and the layout of your home. That’s why it is important to invest in lights for the outside of your home so that you don’t give burglars this opportunity. Similarly, many burglars will also hide behind shrubs while scoping out your home at night, so it is also important to keep these trimmed.
  • They may have been at your house or on your property before, perhaps doing maintenance work or making a delivery.
  • They may be disguised, posing as a yard worker or canvasser.
  • Perhaps even scarier, they may even ask to use your bathroom as a ploy to unlock any windows and doors to make it easier to enter your home at a later date.

This is a tough one to deal with, as many people working or making deliveries are working hard to make an honest living, and it’s important not to become prejudiced. The important thing is to be on alert for anything suspicious, or anything that seems “not right”. And, of course, to secure all locks and windows…

Lock Up Tight

While we usually remember to lock our front doors, back doors, side doors, and windows can be neglected. Especially in the warmer months, when we leave windows open, it’s important to ensure everything is locked up when you leave. Some burglars will also not hesitate to gain entry into your home by using the second floor, so ensure that this floor of your home is also taken into consideration in terms of locks, etc.

Install a Good Alarm System, and Remember to Arm it!

Choose a security company known for being thorough. There are many security options out there today, some very technologically advanced! CCTV camera surveillance systems and alarms can be placed strategically, at the most common points of entry such as the back door, ground floor windows, and in the garage.

Sometimes though, the old-fashioned way works best of all. A barking dog, or a nosy neighbour can also be a great burglar deterrent. Neighbours can come in handy in many ways.

Before your Vacation, Be Aware

Many burglaries happen while you are out of town, and there are many ways a burglar can find out if you’ll be away:

  • Accumulation of newspapers and flyers on the front porch.
  • Shuttered windows, and no lights on.
  • In the winter, virgin snowdrifts are a dead giveaway.
  • Announcing your vacation on social media.

Fortunately, there are many precautions you can take even if you’re not at home. Your neighbours are a great resource, and you’ll certainly return the favour for them. In the case of snow, ask if they can leave tire and foot tracks on your property. They, or another family member or friend, can also remove flyers and newspapers. If you’re away for a long time, consider cancelling your newspaper subscription.

There are devices you can buy that simulate the flicker of a TV. This works on a timer, is inexpensive, and is quite effective. You can also invest in timed lights to go on at random times throughout the day and night to also give the impression that you are home.

The best thing to do if you’re away for a long time is to see if a family member or friend may like to housesit. Your home is vulnerable while you’re gone, so take as many precautions as possible!

Quick Fact:


  • Burglars Are Most Likely To Strike During Broad Daylight


The most common time that a burglar is likely to enter your home may surprise you. No, it’s not after dark. It’s actually during broad daylight – the time you are most likely to be away at work or school. Try to have as many preventative security measures in place as possible.


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