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5 Secrets To Building An Amazing Mobile App

We live in an era where technology has never been so accessible.

This has led to a rise in the number of business and individuals pushing the limits of their knowledge to create mobile apps in the hopes they’ll be the next viral hit.

Now, most organizations are using apps in some manner; whether it’s hospitality establishments allowing you to order food from your table, or hospitals advising on parking spaces and waiting times.

Even individual developers are creating apps to try and compete with some of the biggest names on the market, with varied success.

Regardless of your intentions with creating an app, however, the reality can be a lot different once you’ve started the process.

Not only is it a time-consuming and costly investment, but without the right knowledge, it may also be difficult to reap any success for the effort you have put it.

This is why we have put together this list for people who are both technical and new to the app industry world, which details the secrets nobody else will tell you.

If you want to create an amazing app and have your hard work pay off, these tips will definitely help you achieve this.

Discover Your Target Audiences’ Pain Points

To create an amazing app, you need to think less about your own achievements and more about what your target audience wants.

When 50% of Americans admit to not downloading a single new app a month, you need to make sure you’re giving people a reason why they should make an exception for yours.

Knowing what your target audience are struggling with isn’t always an easy process, however.

You can infiltrate the communities these people gather in, but this will only gather you information if they’re answering the questions you want them to.

ComboApp recommends being more directly, and using Q&A platforms like Quora and Reddit to directly ask those in your niche what they are missing.

You can also use these platforms to find out the questions other users have already asked, and narrow it down to the most common ones to see if your app answers any of those questions.

Understand The Category Your App Is In

It’s not enough just to understand your app and the target audience who may be interested in it.

Something many won’t tell you is that you also need to think carefully about the category your app is in to make sure there is the demand there.

Games are the most popular apps downloaded, accounting for 24.9% of all sales on the app store.

This means that if you’re planning on releasing an app, your chances or creating a profit are quite high.

This doesn’t mean other categories won’t be successful, however.

In fact, even though the games are responsible for so many sales, only 65 percent of smartphone users have them on their phone.

This is compared to 90 percent of all smartphone users who have a web browser, communication or social app, or productivity app on their phone.

Understanding your category may make you think twice about what you’re creating, or provide you with some ideas for how you’ll market it in the post-production stage.

Work Out How You’ll Monetize Your App

Despite the fall in the amount of paid-for apps in the most popular app stores, the app revenue market continues to increase.

In fact, statistics show that the global market is expected to increase from $69.7 billion in 2015 to $188.9 billion in 2020.

The most popular methods for monetizing an app is in-app marketing through popups, and by providing additional features at a cost.

Knowing this information before you launch will allow you to start making money on the app from the get go, giving you a higher chance of recouping any losses from the app’s creation.

Focus On User Experience

A recent study has revealed that just 32% of people have revisited an app more than 11 times so far in 2019.

One of the reasons for this could be the user experience, which is all about the ease of use and aesthetics of the app for someone using it.

Though most in the world of mobile app creation know that this is important due to the slower connectivity compared to computers and less screen, it’s something many app developers forget.

Evidently, however, focusing on the user experience can increase customer retention rates and may also encourage people to share your app more if they get along with its features.

Outsource Mobile App Development

As aforementioned, creating a mobile app is an extremely difficult process, during which you are likely to face a number of different barriers.

Without vast experience and a level of time to dedicate to the project, you are likely to encounter many costly mistakes that may prevent you from succeeding with the creation of this app.

Even with the experience, or having an in-house IT team who can deal with it for you, you may find yourself behind those who specialize in mobile app development.

This is why many app creators will outsource the development of their app to experts.

According to Digital Authority Partners, the main advantage with this is that the team you hire will have different specialists who handle every step of the app creation stage for you, providing you with the highest quality result possible.

This means that you can relax and focus on marketing your finalized, amazing app while someone handles the hard work for a one-off fee.


Whether you’re thinking about creating your first app or already have a few under your belt, we hope this article has helped you understand what’s required for creating an amazing app.

This includes things that are somewhat simple and easily researched, like understanding your target audience and the category you’re planning to launch your app in.

Perhaps the biggest secret of all, however, is that most big app creators won’t develop the app themselves.

Outsourcing is increasingly common for those wanting to create a polished product without the knowledge to do so, and the benefits are vast.

Though it’s a great option, we understand that not everyone has the money to dedicate towards outsourcing, but the other secrets we have mentioned will be just as valuable in your app creation journey, too.

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