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The Reasons Why You Need an Event Planning Checklist

Event planning is a very important activity that needs to be addressed with due care and attention. If you leave any stone unturned during this process, then the event will turn into a disaster of such proportions that it may even require re-planning from scratch.

So, if you are new to event planning and want to ensure that your first time goes off without a hitch, we suggest that you take our free event planning checklist and use it as a guide for the entire process. With this efficient and streamlined approach in place, there should be no way your event can fail. You can also hire a professional events management company in singapore and they will take care of everything.

Some basic things need to be kept in mind when preparing an agenda for the day the trade show or conference will be held.

Choose the Best and Appropriate Location

The first point of business is deciding on an appropriate location for hosting the event. While venues such as convention centers and hotels are perfectly acceptable, they may not be very economical. They can often turn out to be very impersonal and cause a disconnect between you and your audience.

Instead, it would make more sense to try and host the event in a place with special meaning for both you and your listeners. Something like a museum or art gallery might prove to be an excellent choice as there is always something new that one could learn from such places.

This will help keep everyone engaged and attentive since the audience will not be bored before going to such an event.

Serve Foods with the Highest Standard

Carlo Parentela cautions that regarding catering, you should try to remember that one should never take this process for granted as it can significantly impact how your event turns out in the end. Remember that a bad meal at a formal function is still a bad meal even if it was served at a mature and formally appointed restaurant or hotel, which has been around for hundreds of years.

With this reminder in mind, we suggest that you do everything within your power to make sure that the food served meets the highest standards possible. For example, try asking people from various places what sort of meals they would find acceptable at such an event and then come up with an appropriate meal menu that everyone can enjoy.

As always, remember that the details do matter when you are preparing for an event of this nature, so make sure to take care of them all to avoid any unpleasant surprises after everything is over.

The free event planning checklist we have provided for you should help you enormously since it will allow you to keep track of all the significant stages in the process. So give it a try and see if it works for you!

Why You Need an Event Planning Checklist

To ensure that your event planning checklist is complete, you need to look beyond the details. Like making sure, there are enough folding chairs and staffing for bartenders is essential. But the small things aren’t what counts. You need to consider these key points when creating or updating an event planning checklist:

  1. Your goals for the event.
  2. The people involved in reaching those goals.
  3. The way tasks relate to your goals and help you meet them.

Let’s tackle each of these points one at a time.


This should be common sense, but it’s incredible how many sole proprietors will skip this step. Figuring out why you want to host the event is paramount to having a checklist that works. For example, is it to bring in new clients? Offer an affiliate incentive? Perhaps you are teaming up with a charity for this event?

The requirements of your checklist will change depending on the reason why.

For instance, if gaining 50 new clients who attend a free seminar is one of your goals, and you see your list but nothing about headcount, make sure to note it down! It could be something as simple (and silly) as not realizing that foodservice providers charge per person regardless of whether they get anything or not.

Plus, it will allow you to price out menu choices properly and determine how many attendees attend vs. how many RSVP’d online.


Of course, it is vital to assign certain tasks to specific people. But don’t let it stop there! Think about who’s responsible for what, and make sure you know how they relate to your overall goal for the event.

I guarantee that if you put this much thought into each role and what they need to do to accomplish the overall goal, you will save yourself a lot of headaches in the long run.

By doing so, your checklist will be more realistic/helpful, but everyone involved in its creation should feel empowered by knowing precisely what their part in making the event happen. It does wonders for morale! This makes them feel like an essential part of the team, leading to higher quality work/less turnover down the line.

How tasks relate to goals

Of course, a complete event planning checklist will include the basics like setting up chairs and making sure there is sufficient food for guests. But your list can’t stop there! It would be best to look at what needs to be done to make the actual event happen.

You may think that creating an itinerary or well-thought-out timeline is overkill, but you could be wrong!

The best way to do this is by using a properly structured task tree which ensures that any/all contingencies from weather issues to conflicting schedules are accounted for. Otherwise, you’re going into things blindly without the foresight of what could go wrong or how you would tackle it if it did. That’s never a good thing!

Of course, there are hundreds of things you can put on your event planning checklist. But these three points are at least the most important to me when constructing my own lists. So it only makes sense that any checklist I use reflects them accordingly. At the end of the day, you’re better off with one more list than not having one at all!

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