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16 Must-Haves for Event Planners in 2022

Creating a well-executed event is hard work. Finding the right event space—no matter if it’s an event space in Europe or an event space Singapore—takes time. Listing out potential speakers can be tedious. Shaping a program around a certain theme—with no hosts yet—can take months.

However, an experience often overlooked by event planners is facing the bumps that lie during the event itself. Because of this, unforeseen circumstances can severely harm an event’s (and its event planners’) reputation. These can be avoided, and we’re here to help—here are the top 16 items you must bring with you to your physical event this 2022.

What are the 5 C’s of event designing?

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Before anything else, the most important thing to remember in planning events are the 5Cs:

  • Conceptualization;
  • Coordination;
  • Control;
  • Culmination; and
  • Close-out

The first step (Conceptualization) is to know what you want out of your event. Why are you holding your event? Are you holding it to raise funds, awareness, or bring people together? This is key in building a strong event that knows what it’s about.

It is also important to know the Who, When, Where and What of the event. These make sure you know the major stakeholders and sponsors of your event, as well as your event venue, event date, and specific event details such as giveaways and programs.

The second step, Coordination, is the actual event development. Here, you will lock-in your final theme, budget, event venues, food, speakers, and more. Great event coordination makes for a successful event!

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Coordination and Control go hand-in-hand. As you plan for your event, it is unavoidable to have bumps in the road. In Event Control, the events team must compare the progress to the original event plan. It is their duty to adjust event parameters depending on how the overall event process is going.

The fourth C in the event designing process is Culmination. This is said to be the highest point of every event, as this is what everything has led up to. Here, the event management team, stakeholders, sponsors, and more get together—making the event happen.

Last but not the least, event designs require an Event Closeout. All events need a debriefing to assess event expectations and outcomes; strengths and weaknesses. You will also be free to assess the partnerships that worked and didn’t and the reasons why. This step is essential to maintaining company morale and the quality of your events moving forward.

16 Must-Haves for Event Planning 2022

Now that you know the 5 Cs of event designing, this guide focuses on the highest point of the event: Culmination. In making sure your event goes smoothly, here are the top 16 items you must always have when holding one.

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Walkie Talkies

No man is an island, especially for events! Walkie-Talkies address the need to directly communicate with your events team—without the potential distraction of a cell phone. Not to mention, this is also a fuss-free method of talking, so anything that needs to be done will be done fast.

Tape (All Kinds)

You just never know when you will need tape. Whether it is scotch tape, duck tape, masking tape, double-sided tape, or something else—you will need it eventually. When?

While arranging wires, holding up posters, keeping everything in place due to unforeseen circumstances. Never forget your tapes!

Chargers and Batteries

In the same breadth as tape, you just never know when you’ll need to plug in a phone, a laptop, lights, and other event tech. Sometimes displays need to be charged an entire night before to work fully within the day. Bring as much and as many chargers and batteries as you can!

Extension Cords

Yes, you never know when you will need to plug something in for charging…but are there sockets near you at all times? The answer to this is—you never know. Thus, better safe than sorry!

Make sure that you have extension cords with you before and during the event. This will come in handy especially in outdoor event locations.

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Harddrives and USBs

When holding an event, it is also important to bring backup hard drives and USB’s.

This goes especially for events with big presentations like talks or wedding receptions (same day edit videos have become so popular!).


Obviously a digital management system is a more efficient and effective way to keep track of your events, however, you simply don’t know when you’ll experience a system failure. Moreover, this will take up battery, so the information that you need to keep with you at all times can be on a clipboard as well.

Examples of this include names, seating arrangements, event flow, and event program.

Pens, paper, and markers

This needs no further explanation. Writing extra details, reminders, and placement markers is completely normal for event designing. Also—these come very handy in networking events and registration booths.

Tool Box

While ideally your events management team is separate from the set-up team, tool boxes have the basic things you need for a quick fix. No need to wait long to hang up a few posters or fix your event set-up.

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Proper Audio Equipment

Again, your tech team should be separate from your events management team, but it doesn’t hurt to have back-up audio equipment.

No matter how big or small your event is, having your own headphones and speakers (as well as their batteries) will help a lot. You never know when technical difficulties will strike, so best to come prepared, yeah?

Back-up Equipment (if possible)

Similar to bringing back-up audio equipment, you should also bring as much back-ups as possible for your other event necessities.

From extra posters and banners to extra cameras, you should bring what you can just in case you will need it.

Theme-Appropriate Outfit

Even if the event is not for your company, it’s still best to come prepared for the theme. The only exception to this is if you have crew shirts with you during the event. If not, dress accordingly and appropriately! (You can bring these outfits to change in if you have a long day, by the way!)

Sewing Kit

If there’s a costume, decoration, or outfit emergency during your event, you’ve got yourself covered by bringing a mini sewing kit! Address these malfunctions and become everyone’s hero during the event.

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Emergency Kit

On a more serious note, you should also have emergency kits available during your event. It’s unavoidable to have small cuts and bruises in an events team, especially during heavy event preparations.

Be there for them by having your emergency kit on hand.


While it may seem like all events have gone digital, physical events are still the most immersive kind. Thus, now that everyone is able to hold one, dollies are needed for heavy lifting—from giant screens to transferring banners, tables, and chairs, you need more than one dolly for every event you plan.

Internet Connection

If you’re doing a hybrid event—half of it is physical while the other half is online—you’re going to need a stable internet connection. While most amenities in event venues include WiFi, you just don’t know its threshold (especially during large events).

Should anything go awry, having your own stable internet connection will do wonders. You never have to stop streaming your event even during an internet interruption.

Labels and Label Makers

You want to come prepared to an event you organized, so be prepared to bring labels and a label maker to make things easier.

Note which items go to which room; which people sit in which chairs; and what team handles what program just with a handy label maker. (A bonus? Large team meetings don’t have to be a back-and-forth on which glass is used by whom, because you can label everyone’s items as well!)

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These are the top 16 items you must have onhand for your upcoming event/s. While these may look excessive, you must know that the nature of events are simply unpredictable. It’s better to not have any regrets when your events hit a few bumps in the road, especially if they were bumps you could have solved by being a bit more prepared.

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