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Advancements in QlikView

Why Qlikview has Started? – Yes what you are thinking is correct it is started for improving data visualization practices which means communicating the data in a quick and meaningful way, QlikView is the fastest-growing vendors in Business Intelligence(BI) and also its very easy to learn, Qlikview comes under the Qliktech company. When we need to analyze the data, The first tool comes to our mind is QlikView, The main reason is they provide self-service BI for most of the organization. By Using QlikView tool we can analyze the data and then the Leads makes a decision. In recent time Qlikview has released a new version called QlikView 12. In this version, Qlik sense & QlikView Customers has more benefits. It is also related to Data Science, The Parent version of QlikView 12 is Qlikview 11x, In this, we will compare both the version and what the improvements in a new version.

Now let’s Know What is QlikView? – It’s business platform for self-service business intelligence (BI) for all the customers in a company and also easy to analysis for each person. By using QlikView Application, It easy to analyze the data and helps them to make a decision in an organization.

This can evaluate the huge amount of data and analyze them from in-depth When it analysis from deeper it check’s all aspects. Now, Let’s look into important components of QlikView:

Desktop – To Create the environment of Qlikview tool.

Server – With the help of Server they both can communicate each other i.e.between Client and the QlikView application.

Publisher – The main work of the publisher is to load and collect a data source from various resources & send’s to the end user(Qlikview Document).

QlikView 11

In QlikView 11x there are so many new features in it let’s discuss some of them, In this, the users can expect – main layout features of QlikView 11x. It has object container for grid mode, Extensibility, can create multiple selection states using this they can create tables, graph, sheets..etc. QlikView core improves by drive data drive. They are Focusing on a standard for Business Discovery. Here are some issues in Qlikview 11x:

> Sending command files to the program was very difficult, Error message when we open QV files without a license.

> When we are selecting the multiple boxes for locking the users use to find some issues.

> Security issues in the product.

> Pop-ups White page After Opening Application.

> Problem in change language interface through settings: Ajax

> In this we can’t able to copy, past and change the size of the object.

New Update’s in Qlikview 12a

Here we get to know about a list of new features in QlikView 12, Here is the link to download ( for future updates need check Qlikview sites regularly. Let’s come into the discussion!

1. AJAX Improvement

QlikView has concentrated on “AJAX Touch Client”, This topic comes under mobile client in Qlikview were the touch functionality of Ajax has been improved a lot in this update. Lots of users are frustrated in the previous version because of the access point and the mobile version was not able to get a natural feel. In Qlikview 12 this was solved in this it feels very natural thanks for that Qlikview. Here are some functions can be able to do on mobile – we can copy files, move files and also can be resized, an object can be created, properties of the object can be changed…etc.

Example – In previous mobile version, it was designed to project one single object at a time because mobile has less screen space, if need to view the full image we need to zoom in the image for the clear appearance so users are not happy. Now, QlikView introduced “Ajax touch client” for the better mobile experience.

2. QIX Engine For Both

The Same Qlik Sense Engine (QIX Engine) is used in QlikView, With this update if any changes to be made it applies to both(Qlikview & Qlik Sense). By this, the conflict rate between QlikView and Qlik Sense can be reduced, So that user gets better data models and better data indexing.

3. New Access to DataMarket Connector

I hope every single person(Qlikview) will like this update because it’s very simple to use data as services such as population, demographics, and weather…etc. In Previous version we have to use outside data source i.e.which the data is not available in QlikView server & then we have to store it into QlikView data file(QVD) after this we have to upload from QVD to Qlikview, This process is very difficult for Qlikview user – So that they have given us connectors to download anytime & can be used immediately after the installation process.

4. Tight Security for Qlikview Product

Many Happy faces for this update, In previous version there are some security issues in the product, Now it has been updated and increased the security levels which can’t be noticeable. In this Qlikview have improved request handling for the client, improvement in encryption and extensible markup language parsing(XML) has also improved. When the Qlik has released the overall performance was not up to it marks, But now the overall performance was outstanding. I hope everyone is excited to use this version.


QlikView is one of the fastest growing companies in Business Intelligence(BI) they have regular Updates on Qlikview product So that users won’t have any issues with their product. The Conclusion is every update has its own Pros and Cons, We have to move on with new updates and need to get a solution for the bugs or drawbacks in the upcoming versions.

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