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Was Pokémon Go The Way Of The Future, Or Flash In The AR Pan?

The first two weeks after Pokémon Go was released is something the gaming world will remember forever.  The developer Niantic, succeeded in producing an augmented reality (AR) game that became an instant hit with literally hundreds of thousands of people wanting to catch them all! The release of the game saw Pokémon Go players running in the streets in an attempt to catch the elusive Pokémon.  Pokémon Go players make use of their GPS to capture Pokémon in all areas, and this game is based on the original Nintendo franchise where players get to catch Pokémon and train and battle gyms.  The question is, will its popularity continue?

Is Pokémon Go Still Popular?

In 2017 the game is still popular, but it seems the search for Pokémon’s may have died down a bit.  No longer are we seeing frantic Pokémon searchers running around, but that does not mean that the game has lost its popularity completely.

Pokémon Go still remains a relatively popular game and even though it has been so successful, there have been no games of this type to rival it.  Although it seems to have become less popular there are still many people playing and it is still a profitable game.  Players may remember the popular mobile game Flappy Bird, a simple game, yet it resulted in thousands of developers trying to copy it.  The same thing happened with Clash of Clans.  However with Pokémon Go nothing has come close to replicating this game, although many have noted how popular the AR game play was. AR is cropping up everywhere, and should soon be available in many forms, from Canadian mobile casinos to other player favorites.

No Copycats

It seems that developing a game like Pokémon Go is much more difficult than copying simple games like Flappy Bird or Clash of Clans.  The game was developed by ex Google Map employees who spent many years building the foundations of this AR game. No other company has the background of Niantic and together with its experience and the Pokémon license it seems it is going to be difficult to replicate it.

The Future of Pokémon Go

The great thing about Pokémon Go is that there is no other game like it.  The game gets people outdoors, chasing and battling things and it’s great for exercise as people go looking for eggs to be hatched.  Many Pokémon Go fans are asking what is in store for the future and hopefully Niantic will continue producing new activities to keep the game going.  Updates have already been introduced such as Gen 2 and looking forward to Gen 3, which will have loads more Pokémon’s.  Pokémon Go fans can look forward to revamped gyms and raids with many new features.  This will include more interactive features and increased rewards and bonuses.

Pokémon Go players continue to look forward to more updates from the developer Niantic, but it seems even though the game may have lost some its players, there are still Pokémon Go fans out there wanting to play.  It would seem though that in order to keep the game going Niantic will have to come up with more ways to keep the fans interested.

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