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Published on January 13th, 2020 | by Ali Dino


Introducing Irresistibly Smart Features Of Smart Pool

Almost every field of life is revolutionized with new technology and so are our homes. Little changes make a big difference. You can give a new look to any specific area only by replacing things in a better way.

So, if you have a pool at home, then you are lucky as you can upgrade your pools to the smart pool now. You can automate your smart swimming pool and perform various tasks only by clicking a button.

You can simply operate it with your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Have a look at the features of this automated pool.

Salient Features of Smart Swimming Pool:

Modern-styled House With Overviewing Swimming Pool

  • Operate Pool Lights With Your Device:

Many of us think about turning off the lights before going to bed. If you have been having fun in the pool with your family in the pool, then this thought might strike you at night whether you have switched off the lights after using the pool. No more worries now! You can operate lights with your device now. Only a click can turn on and off the lights of your swimming pool. So, you can now prepare your pool for swimming before you reach the pool. Fascinating! Isn’t it?

  • Control Pool Pump And Maintain Cleanliness:

A pool pump is vital to keep the cleanliness of your swimming pool as it circulates the water. If the water is still, it may become a cause of spreading bacteria that you don’t want in your pool. You can monitor pump usage with the device. Thus, you will not only be taking care of cleanliness but will also be controlling the use of energy. It will eventually bring down the cost of energy. So, you can enjoy fully without any hassle of dealing with the manual pump.

  • Let The Pool Find The Right PH Balance:

The right PH balance is something that can make you ponder to convert your pool into an automated pool. So, if you are health conscious, then this is going to be a blessing for you as a smart salt chlorinator can make your pool maintain its chemical.

  • Cleaning At Its Best:

Boy In A Pool

We all know how difficult it is when it comes to cleaning your pool. You have to spend hours to see your pool ready for swimming. Your pool’s cleaning system will do this job now. It is in authority for keeping the water in your pool bacteria-free. So, you can schedule the cleaning of your swimming pool with Pool Contractors Miami and perform it even when you are away. No need to stand near your pool and watch the cleaning process anymore. Just click a button on your device and let things happen on their own.

  • Right Water Temperature Adjustment:

Maintaining the water temperature of your swimming pool is difficult and time taking. Adjusting the temperature manually and waiting for the water to be ready for swimming can be irritating at times and can spoil the mood. So take advantage of the technology and preheat your swimming pool to have a wonderful time while swimming.

These are the features that can compel anyone to opt for the advanced and automated swimming pool. While deciding for the right operating system for your pool, keep in mind that it is compatible with iOS and Android. Some systems have an additional feature of voice command capability.

You don’t even have to touch the buttons now. Just use your voice to operate. So, don’t miss the chance of converting your pool into a smart and well-organized pool.

Give A Now Look By Selecting Different Colors:

Palm Tree Planted Near Pool

You can now transform your pool by changing its color. Not just the smart functions but the variety of colors is available to attract attention and make your mood to swim and enjoy. If you want a traditional look, you can select different popular watercolors like marine, marble, ice, etc.

If you love to see a different look of your pool in shade other than blue, then you can try mini orb panels in six different colors. These six different shades are Monument, Basalt, Dune, Paper Bark, Classic Cream, and Surf Mist. Aluminum composite panels are there in five colors.

These five colors are Dark Grey Metallic, Gold Metallic, Silver Metallic, Heritage Cream, and Gloss White. You can also try some other colors by placing a special order for them.

You can order external steps too. This variation in selecting colors and accessories shows that you can use your imagination too in customizing your pool.

In the sanitation system, you also have choices. You will have salt, mineral or hypoallergenic options. The pool heating system is also there to extend the swimming duration. You can enjoy swimming for hours. You can upgrade anything related to your pool according to your taste and have fun with your family and friends.

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