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The Most Common Mistakes for Affiliate Managers to Avoid

Affiliate managers always try to test new theories and methodologies to enhance the recruitment practices and gain elevated performance in their efforts. But unfortunately, in the process of testing, many affiliate managers mostly end up doing more bad than good and while the others are just implementing strategies according to the books.

Having that said, here are my top 4 biggest and most common mistakes that affiliate managers tend to make without even realizing.

1. Competing With Other Affiliates

This is by far one of the worst mistakes that I come across. I frequently see companies for products that others try to sell competing with them in the search engine rankings and even PPC advertising campaigns. Rather than competing, it would be smarter if you spent your resources on supporting your affiliate network by developing a better product, offering more referral statistics, greater commission payouts, and a lot more.

2. More is Always Better

Affiliate recruitment is not like fishing; the more hooks in the water the more chances of ending up catching one big fish. But this doesn’t work at all. So far affiliate accumulation has barely proven itself as a profitable strategy. Managers tend to go out of their way in hopes of improving revenue. Unfortunately, it is not a smarter move to spread yourself thin and wish that you can still get some worthwhile people. But the fact is that quality wins over quantity in this scenario.

3. Not Assisting Your Affiliates Properly

Affiliate managers don’t exactly believe in affiliate sales. Do they? Affiliate managers, who are supposed to motivate and expand sales channel for their products fail to understand affiliate sales. Affiliates are an external sales force and if they miss understanding the important part then there isn’t really anything they would do to help you increase affiliate sales. Also, you can track affiliate sales by deploying the right software.

It ain’t an easy task for affiliates to learn about a product, its features and then write some insightful content on it. So ensure they get all help they needed.

4. Not Paying Your Affiliates Fairly

It is extremely sad to see affiliate managers finding ways to not to pay their affiliates the commission that they rightly earned. Frankly speaking, affiliates take and do riskier jobs than any monthly-salaried professional. Because they work and promote a product. If luckily the product is sold then will make otherwise they don’t. But the fact is that even they got bills to pay.

Not providing your affiliates with helpful statistics, quality support, and enough new promotional creative are other common that affiliates managers make. If you are aware of these mistakes then put some efforts to avoid it maybe in future you will find yourself ahead of the competition.


Well, there are my biggest common mistakes of affiliate managers. I wish affiliate managers take the above points into consideration and support their affiliates because if you don’t then you may have to find other means of income.

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