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Technologies used in Smart Pools

Smart pools are increasingly becoming popular thanks to the improved technology. Swimming pool owners can now install these kind of pools easily because they are becoming more affordable. The smart pool technology makes the pool more enjoyable from installing them to managing them.

Because of portable electronic devices such as tablets and smartphones, you can now manage your pool easily from anywhere using these devices.

The following are some of the technologies used in smart pools.

1. Remote pool management system

This is where all the magic happens. All the devices and piece of equipment that is plugged into this system is controlled by the push of a button on the remote pool management system, which you can have on your smartphone, tablet, or PC in the form of a web-based control panel or downloaded app.

If you are thinking of installing a smart pool in your home, then you should involve a professional who uses up-to-date software and equipment which are compatible with other crucial aspects of your smart home system like Google home.

If you don’t involve a professional in installing a smart pool, then you risk losing your investment because they may not use up-to-date systems because their devices may not be compatible with your electronic devices. A smart pool provider should have an app for both iOS and Android.

2. Automatic in-floor pool cleaning systems

Automatic in-floor pool cleaning systems are the most effective when it comes pool cleaning. This is because of the efficiency with which they circulate the water in a way that saves on the use of chemicals and power. Apart from the effectiveness, automatic in-floor pool cleaning system does not require the use of additional pool cleaning equipment once the installation of your pool is complete.

The smart pool cleaning system is built right into the structure of your pool. The nozzles are strategically positioned near/on the floors, and benches. The nozzles pop up sequentially and shoot a stream of water that pushes the dirt/debris towards the drain on the pool floor.

When the cleaning process is complete and the nozzles are not in use, they disappear back into the swimming pool and become totally invisible. So you don’t need to worry about the ugly sight of vacuum hoses floating on your pool after cleaning.

3. Energy-efficient automated pool pumps

Automated energy-efficient pool pumps are modern pool management system that are a must-have because they offer convenience of operating your quiet pool pump remotely and they also perform better while consuming less energy thus helping you to save on energy costs.

A modern smart pump consumes about 85% less energy. This means that your swimming pool pump offers you a good chance for power savings. The truth is, the more the water moves, the healthier it is. But unfortunately, the rising cost of energy today has made many pool owners to minimize the amount of time their pool pumps operate daily. Even though this helps to cut the energy costs, it destroys the quality of the water because stagnant water serves a breeding ground of harmful algae and bacteria which can cause diseases.

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