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Home Alone? These Five Things Will Keep You Busy

What do you do when you’re home alone? Even when you don’t have plans, it’s important to find things to keep your mind occupied. The next time you’re home alone, these five things will keep you busy.

Do Puzzles

Doing puzzles and word games is another good way to occupy your time when you’re home alone. Crossword puzzles, acrostics, and even jigsaw puzzles help keep your brain working. They give you a way to occupy your time.

Word games can help build vocabulary and force your brain to forge new neural pathways, and jigsaw puzzles help build spatial intelligence and strengthen your memory.

Teach Yourself Something New

Anytime you learn something new you force your brain to adapt. Of course, taking a class can be a good thing to do and you may want to look into online courses as a way of picking up a new skill or hobby.

Some of the things you can learn online include foreign languages, writing skills, business skills, and even artistic things like painting and sculpture. Pick something that interests you and dive into it. You’ll be amazed at what it does for your brain.

Cook Something from Scratch

Believe it or not, cooking actually strengthens your brain. The act of reading a recipe, measuring ingredients, and preparing the food challenges you mentally.

When you try something a new food, you also give your brain something to chew on. New flavors are just as challenging as any other new stimulus. Check out for cooking items here.

Online Games

You might think that you can’t play games when you’re alone, but that’s not true. In fact, playing games online is a great way to keep your mind sharp. A particularly good choice is to play online rummy games with real players. Playing card games increases your concentration skills as you have to pay attention to your own hand and what the other players do. It also offers you a chance to be social when you play with real players.

Listen to Music

When was the last time you really listened to a piece of music? There’s a reason that early child development experts recommend classical music for children. When you listen to a complex piece of music, it opens up your brain.

Try picking a piece that you like. Classical music is best, and one study showed that listening to the Spring Movement of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons was particularly good for memory. Why not give it a try?


The next time you’re home alone, pick one of these five things and give your brain a workout. You’ll help improve your memory and stay mentally active – and you might even learn something new in the process!

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