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Top Tech Upgrades for Your Home

If your home feels stuck in the last century, it might be time for a technology update. Investing in tools and systems that will increase your home’s efficiency can be a smart way to save money, and many of the top tech options can even help your family feel safer and happier.

Improve Your Energy Efficiency

Installing smart tools like high-tech thermostats to control your heating and cooling is all but a necessity if you’re serious about getting a handle on your energy use. The best systems learn your usage patterns and automatically adjust temperatures based on your family’s needs. You can also replace traditional sockets and power strips with energy-saving devices that automatically control the power being fed to your appliances and gadgets when they’re not in use. However, to truly make the most out of modern technology’s ability to maximize your energy efficiency, you should consider switching to solar to power your home.

Adding solar panels to your house can significantly reduce or even eliminate your reliance on the public energy grid. With a system that’s designed to meet your family’s specific needs, you can have a proper array of panels and battery back-ups that provides enough electricity to make you completely self-reliant. By switching to solar energy, you’ll also have built-in protection against the seemingly ever-rising cost of municipal electricity, and you may be able to reduce your carbon footprint and have a positive impact on the environment.

Upgrade Your Security

The safety and security of your home and family are likely a top priority. Adding smart devices to your security system can be an easy way to protect what’s yours without a huge investment. By installing smart locks on your doors, you can lock and unlock any portal from within your home or from miles away. You’ll never again worry that you’ve left your house without securing it. Many systems also let you provide temporary access codes to visitors who need to enter your home, eliminating the need for risky actions like leaving a key under the doormat or with your neighbors.

Smart doorbells can also be installed for added protection. They allow you to get a look at anyone who rings your bell so you don’t open your door for an unwanted visitor, and they can help keep tabs on people lurking in front of your home. Some feature two-way communication systems, so you can “answer” your door remotely and discourage any criminals hoping to prey on an unoccupied home.

Update Your Gadgets

Older appliances and gadgets often appear woefully outdated, and in most cases their technology is stuck in the past, as well. Investing in upgrades can go a long way toward improving your everyday living. Nowadays you can find refrigerators that use cameras to let you peek inside, so you can make a grocery list without wasting energy by opening the door. Everything from ovens to dishwashers to washing machines is now manufactured to facilitate remote operation, making it easy to run these electricity guzzlers at optimal times of the day. Everyday items like lightbulbs have also become smarter, by dimming and brightening in response to ambient lighting or being operable remotely through an app.

Even if it’s just a decade old, your home entertainment system is likely due for an update. Today’s televisions do more than feed cable programming into your home; with the right connectivity, they can become the centerpiece of entertainment in your house by providing access to dozens of streaming and gaming services. Smart speakers can be paired with your TV to provide sound throughout your house while making it easy to control all of your home’s devices from any room.

From smart security systems to refrigerators that practically restock themselves, today’s technology can help improve your quality of life in so many ways. Even installing just one of these upgrades can give your home a much-needed high-tech refresh.

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