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5 Steps To Choose The Right Type Of Automatic Pool Cleaner

Pools are constructed for different purses and to different standards. You might be facing a dilemma in determining which robotic cleaner is suitable for your pool, it is, therefore, imperative to determine the most appropriate pool cleaner. The fact remains that robotic pool cleaners are not cheap. Carelessly spent cash can never be recovered. Therefore make the most out of your money by choosing the right robotic pool cleaner. The five steps discussed below can guide you when making your choices.

1. Determine the type of pool you have

Pools can be above ground or in ground pools. Above ground pools are usually simple in shape and are commonly used for family purposes. In-ground pools, on the other hand, is built in a dug ground. The choice of cleaners therefore varies.

For most Rectangular Above Ground Pools you can probably get away with a simple and fairly inexpensive robotic pool cleaner, while you may require something heavy duty with dug in pools.

2. Establish the purpose of the pool.

Your pool could be of a residential or commercial use. For swimming complex and water theme parks that handle large population choose cordless robotic cleaners that cover wider diameters. In the case of backyard pools, a residential pool cleaner will serve an equal purpose.

3. What is the volume and size of debris which falls into your pool?

Debris falling into the pool could results from surface runoffs, falling leaves, twigs, acorns or flowers. Some of the debris floats in the pool while others are deposited on the pool bed. The robotic cleaner that you choose therefore should not only collect the debris underwater but also rise to the surface to clean up floating material. In instances when only be interested in floating debris, you will opt for a pool cleaner that only runs along the pool surface. Some pool cleaners, however, have larger filter bags that can hold up more debris. The choice relies on your assessment of debris types and sizes.

4. What are the elements and dimensions of the pool

Your pool could be having slopes, inclines or multiple steps. The choice of robotic pool cleaner should be one that is capable of climbing the steps and inclines. It becomes challenging to clean corners or climbs that exist in a pool. Such robots should be avoided if the pool has so many bends and inclines. Pool cleaners demand that the pools are sturdy enough. Pools, therefore, remain undamaged during the cleaning operation.

Pools with curves are much easier to clean because of the cleaner maneuvers easily. For pools with irregular shop and curved walls you might be forced to shop around to ensure that you find the right robotic cleaner

The bottom surface of the pool could be rocky, irregular or flat. There are robotic pool cleaners that are capable of cleaning non-flat pool floors. The bottom surface is, therefore, an important factor considered in choosing a robotic pool cleaner.

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The material of the pool bottom also dictates the type of pool cleaner to be used. Pool floors could be made of tiles, fiberglass or vinyl. Pool cleaners may be compatible or non-compatible with some materials used in the pool floor. For instance, some cleaners do not operate in glass floor.

5. After putting all the steps above into consideration, individual pools cleaner features can be evaluated

Just like the household pool cleaner, the robotic cleaner must have filters that trap dirt and require less frequent maintenance operations. The robotic pool cleaner should be easy to remove and clean.

Different pool models clean at different speeds, to avoid keeping your visitors waiting for too long always choose cleaners that operate much faster.

Filters are an integral part of robot maintenance. Poorly selected filters will bring with the unnecessary maintenance cost and unpredictable failures. You should choose a durable filter that sucks up the tiniest dirt and ensures unlimited service. Ensure your pool cleaner has swivel cables and are free from tangling.

It imperative to study pool cleaners to ensure that your purchase is perfect for your pool. This demands a lot of in-depth inspection, and pool assessment. Your pool has unique wants and needs making it important to assess such need before choosing a suitable robotic pool cleaner. Overall, like most of the things, a better pool cleaner will be more expensive than average. Your choice might relieve you from the burdens of back breaking works and save you a lot of time.

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