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3 Smart Warehouse Technologies You Need to Implement Today

Technology is ever-evolving, with more and more technology upgrading taking place in different economic sectors. Technology is progressing and advancing at a very fast rate, and to keep up the pace, warehouses also need to be well equipped with the latest technology.  It’s important to follow the latest technology trends since that will help your business stay on top. If you’re not updated with the technology changes, you should learn more about it.

That is the only way to keep up with the manufacturer’s pace and expertise, production, and consumer request. These days, warehouses need to use high technology and automation to improve productivity, efficiency, and accuracy.

The applied technology in warehouses aims to provide flexibility and capability to both the employees and the processes.

There are several changes that warehouses have to implement to allow them to function entirely on their own.

That allows the managers of these warehouses and the technician to monitor the operation from a removal point. Here are some of the most common technologies that warehouses should implement in 2021.

Automated Picking Tools

Several businesses are implementing automated pick technology with a professional NetSuite Solution Provider to pick anything from paper to RF. That has brought about high technology accuracy and high productivity.

Your warehouse can benefit from automated picking by making the process much faster. With automated picking, you can eliminate human error and allocate the best locations, storage media, and picking paths for stock.

With technology, the entire warehouse process can be much shortened, and packing the stock can take a very short time, making it possible to use manual labour in other processes. At the same time, lifting heavy stock can be much easier than many years back.

Management System

Technology can compressively consolidate the valuable information for each warehouse and make that information easily accessible through one accessible platform.

That can give the selected members of your supply chain access to your working information, your reporting, real-time statistics as well as accurate planning.

That helps in proper equipment and inventory management and also prompt order notification and vendor supplier data. In addition, it gives management a quicker way of analyzing the data and making fast management decisions. That will provide the following benefits:

  • Improved pick accuracy
  • Less time in-between picks
  • High flexibility and responsiveness
  • Trusted accuracy demand forecasting
  • Streamline processes, among others

Importing the time taken for certain processes improves the customer service and eventually grows the business through more sales.

First, however, it is necessary to find out how much that will mean in terms of cost and the changeover challenges.

Internet of Things

The IoT implementation helps management to gain control of all the moving parts of the warehouse. The best thing with the technology is that it helps eliminate the risks and avoid mistakes that can lead to accidents that result from such mistakes.

As a result, the accidents cause losses in the supply chain. With the automated operation, it is possible to have sensors in the warehouses monitoring the warehouse’s temperature, moisture, and other conditions.

With IoT, the data obtained from the shipping conveyances and vehicles and the product can be combined to curb theft and diversion.

Moreover, the IoT has the capacity to synchronic all your data in an easy to access network. That helps in optimizing your inventory control through double impact with an automated inventory control platform.

It also helps in planning for labor as well as giving the best customer experience. That is because the customers can enjoy more streamlined processes as well as improved turnaround time.

While technology is undoubtedly the key to a modern warehouse, it is pricey, and the warehouse management team needs to understand that and be fully prepared.

In addition, some of the high tech solutions necessitate renovations right from the ground to enable the more sophisticated tools. The renovation is not something that takes a short time, and that is why management needs to be fully aware of the changes they are making and their implications.


It is also necessary to have solutions to the possible challenges before investing in high technology solutions.

The management team will also have to think of how to implement Robots to work with existing associates.

Also, warehouses can supplement most of the processes with robotic technologies integrated with Materials Handling units. That will change everything in warehouses and affect how the supply chain works.

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