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4 Great Uses for Digital Signage in Hotels You Can Implement Right Now

Hotels are often at the forefront of customer service. Because of this, any new technology that can increase guest comfort and satisfaction are adopted quickly.

It was no surprise then that digital signage was picked up by the hotel industry. With the added benefits to communication and customer experience, digital signage is a perfect way to improve not only the guest’s experience, but also the staff and management.

In the article below, I’ll go over four of the most important uses digital signage can be used for in hotels.

1. Automated Check-in

Like self-checkout lines in grocery stores, automated check-ins offer various benefits to businesses that adopt them.

The first and most obvious is that it offers more avenues for guest’s to check in.

By utilizing self-check-in kiosks, hotels offer the opportunity for travelers who just want to check in. An added bonus is that this doesn’t detract from the main help desk for guests who prefer checking in with a person or who might have additional questions.

2. Real Time Information

Travelling is often a very stressful experience. For most travelers, they have a lot on their plate and only so much time to spend on everything they need to accomplish.

This is where digital signage can really shine.

The versatility of choosing what you can display on your digital signage is a very important draw. This in turn can accomplish a lot of the important tasks hotels offer but with less effort and more efficiency. This in turn leads to a better guest and team experience.

Everything travelers need to know when conducting their daily business can be shown as needed. Real-time weather, flight information, time, current traffic conditions, and more can be displayed and changed out at a moment’s notice.

This not only frees up time for your team to complete other duties, but keeps your guests both informed and happy.

3. Personalized Concierge Service

Customer service is often paramount of a successfully run business. With digital signage, hotels can have the added benefit of personalizing their concierge service to best fit their model of guest experience.

Depending on the type of hotel, different service models are needed. Some may focus more on the family aspect while others will make businesses and conventions their focal point.

Take for example a hotel that is fairly affordable and located next to a children’s theme park.

This hotel might want to use their digital signage to link to the important factors for that guest’s trip. Namely, the weather, time, and if possible, local events that are on the schedule for that theme park itself.

4. Entertainment

The ability to entertain your patrons is an often overlooked aspect of digital signage. This underutilized feature is most useful in areas of long wait time for guests.

Those waiting in lines and in the main lobby are the prime focus for those who are looking for some form of entertainment during a necessary wait.

This is where knowing your clients is key.

Digital signage is able to play videos or music but knowing what works best for your hotel will maximize your ROI. Generally, news is a very safe choice as it will both entertain and inform travelers as they wait.

Digital Signage and hotels have a great partnership. The ability for digital signage to adapt to situations isn’t unlike a hotel going the extra mile for their guests. By fully utilizing all digital signage has to offer, virtually every aspect of a hotel’s business model can be improved.

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