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Why You Need a VPN Right Now

You may have heard about virtual private networks (VPNs) but never really considered opting for one. With the internet the way it is today, it is something you seriously need to consider. After all, there is no such thing as privacy, even with just a simple search query. VPNs can help you in many other ways, too. Here are the top reasons to get a VPN right now.

Keep Your Internet Use Private

The way VPNs are set up, they allow you to browse online in private. That doesn’t mean stopping the rest of the house knowing what you’re doing. It means stopping the internet knowing what you’re doing. Google won’t be able to track your IP address to know your search queries, which means ads can’t be tailored to suit those ad queries.


Your local server won’t know what you’re up to. While this can seem somewhat criminal, it really isn’t. It just allows you to browse without worrying about marketing emails or other information sent to your door that just might interest you, based on your online activity.
This works because so many different computers are using the IP address from the individual servers. When websites see this, they just see a lot of unrelated searches and information. It makes it impossible for them to tell who is searching for what, so there’s no need to keep the information.

Use WiFi Hotspots Safely

WiFi hotspots are becoming more and more popular. They allow you to use the internet when you’re out, which is great for those commuting and those who like to check their emails on the go. The problem is these networks are also unsafe, especially when sharing private and confidential information. The encryption is not that strong.

VPN will really help to mask your activity, protecting you when using WiFi hotspots. You can browse without worrying about your details being taken because they’re all encrypted from your side of the network.

Routing Information through Different Servers

When you use your country’s own servers, you may find your access to sites is limited. This is especially if you visit parts of the world that are strict on freedom of information, like North Korea and China. By using VPNs, you can use servers from different parts of the world. That means you can access all the information possible.


This is great for those in strict countries when they know they’re not being given the right information. It can help form your own opinions about the political or economical status of a country.

But You Can Still Get Advertisements Sent To You

There is a downside. Your computer will still store cookies. These are often used by websites for things like remembering passwords and the search terms that you have used. These are used by some sites to organize the type of ads you’re shown.

Even with a VPN, you can’t mask some of this information. You need to do some extra work by stopping the sites from storing cookies. This is possible by turning your browser into private mode, and can be done through the settings of your browser.
Isn’t it time you protect your internet use? Isn’t it time you kept your work private from the whole world? Well now you can with VPNs. By using others’ servers, you can protect your confidential information and get the news that everyone else is hearing outside of your country.

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This guest post was written by Alia, a tech enthusiast. If you are looking for a secure VPN, it may be worth reading IPVanish reviews. Alia works with many individuals to protect their internet activity and prevent their private and confidential information being stolen.

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