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The 5 Best Apps For First Time Visitors to London

If you are visiting London for the first time, you need different apps that will help you to explore the city without getting lost. Since there are hundreds of things to do in London every day, you have a very slim chance of experiencing them all in one lifetime. So you need to have an app that will help you choose the most exciting events and activities, places to visit, restaurant, bars, exhibitions and much more.

London offers a variety of experiences that will make you come back. There is never a shortage of activities to do during the day and at night. Not only do you need apps to help you choose the most exciting places to visit, but you also need an app that will help you get from point A to point B in London.

Here are the 5 best London apps for first-time visitors


Since you are visiting London for the first time, the most important app to download is Citymapper, an app that will serve as your transport companion throughout your stay in the city. Citymapper is extremely easy to use and straightforward – it will show you multiple routes and transport options – buses, London tube, trains, bikes, ferry, all detailed on the apps main page. If there is a specific place that you would like to go, the app will show you all the alternative routes available. The app’s strongest feature is its accuracy – its estimated time of arrival is accurate down to the last minute.

Santander Cycle

If you decide to tour the city on a bike, you will find the Santander Cycle app very helpful. The app is published by the city’s Transport for London (TfL) body. The app does not have any special features as such, it just makes it easy for you to book a bike instead of the hassle of struggling to get a bike at the local station.

The app allows you to automate everything, and it gives you access to dozens of docking stations across the city. Cycling could offer you the best way to explore the city.


If you need to book a ticket to an event of choice, Eventbrite is an app that is helpful in that aspect. Most events are listed on the app, so there is a high chance that your digital tickets will be delivered through the app. Eventbrite also offers an easy way to discover events and suggests events to you based on events that you have attended. The app is not limited to London alone, which means that if you travelling to another city or country; you do not need to download another app that is specific to the place you intend to visit.

Visit London

This is London’s free city guide that is loaded with ideas and inspiration. The Visit London app has everything that you need to experience. You can get the most of your trip to the city by downloading this app and exploring the handpicked lists of the places to visit and things to do, viewable on the map or as a list. The Visit London app will show you some of the best attractions in the city, top markets, secret London, budget-friendly eats, events, and festivals. The app works offline, so you do not need to worry about data charges while viewing locations of interest. You will have access to some of the most unique spots and activities in London (activities: from open theatre cinemas to crazy golfing awesomeness).

Hidden London

If you are a curious individual, this is the app for you. The Hidden London is your best bet for discovering hidden gems scattered across London. Do not let the city’s modern outlook deceive you, there are thousands of historical sites in the narrow streets of the city. The hidden London app is designed for visitors and locals who have a thing for adventure and discovering new things.

If you are a history nerd, the app features sub-sections like “Saxon,” “Prehistoric,” or “Norman,” that help you find underground passages, crypts, and alleys.

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