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Published on April 12th, 2019 | by Sunit Nandi


The Ultimate List of 3D Animation Software 2019

Animation is currently experiencing a shift in its technological aspects. The techniques that are being used require advanced tools and potential expertise. Being an animator, you need to master various skills and acquire a diverse flair of creativity. You cannot rely on one or two skills. You must broaden up your skills and use tools that can deliver you quick and effective outcomes.

When expanding your business online or creating branding campaigns to increase onsite traffic, you can count on 2D and 3D animated videos. The charm of explainer videos never dies. You can drive excellence from these videos while infusing your core values in the mind of your target users. If you want to find out the best ways to create most compelling explainer animated videos you must read the following list of high tech 3D software.


Autodesk 3Ds Max

It is one of the leading software used to effective 3D models, animation and computer generated motion graphics. The software is equipped with immense capabilities to create animation with highly detailed graphics, pixel-perfect resolution, and fine movement. Video games developers and experts offering utterly professional animation services prefer the software.

You can utilize its features to create 3D rendering architectural models and to create arcade games. The software unleashes endless possibilities to produce technical and immersive interfaces. When talking about advancements, the tool can expertly work on projects having dynamic simulations, normal map production, global illustrations, radiosity, and even on customizable user interface.


Do you want to create a movie as compelling as Frozen or as enthralling as Zootopia; if so, here is what you need to have. Download Huodini and enjoy a range of unlimited features with technical interface to let you create immersive animation without experiencing any fatigue or hassle. The dashboard is user-centric with each feature placed in a special category.

Having brushes and options to crop, edit and magnify storyboarding while features to add subtle movement, the tool is equipped with best in class buttons. It is designed for professional animators working on great projects. Unless you are sure about the worth of your project, avoid dipping your hands in it. It’s to advance to waste its expertise on mere projects.

Aladdin 4D

The tool is accessible or platforms include Linux, AmigaOS, IPad, and MorphOS. Don’t judge it by its name. The tool is used extensively for creating complex rendering models, 3D animation for branding and engaging graphics. Among the prominent features available in the software some of them are gaseous volumetric having adjusted mass, uncountable options to work on layering, spine modeling tool, and animation controls. It allows importing of a maximum number of postscripts files and the facility to make animated logos easier.


The software is the most appropriate tool to handle characterization in an animated movie or video. If you want to make CGI characters, you can rely on this tool blindly. The software is used to create basic animation. You can produce animal figures and 3D polymesh realistic characters. The facility to utilize an incredible range of features including cameras, lighting, and figures, you can effectively produce advance touches in your animation.

It has a huge library of options and buttons that facilitate users in making robotic figures, animal characters, cartoon figures, and pre-rigged human. You can use industry-specific templates and accessories like props, hairstyles, dresses, and hand gestures.


iClone is one of the finest software that can create real-time animation. You can edit and improvise models in real time and upload them wherever you want. The tool can assist you in making detailed characters and modeling. You can make genuine expressions and gestures of your human or animal-looking character. It facilitates a bundle of options including lip-syncing over professional voice-overs, importing of 3D standard file types and merging motions.

It offers the option to edit the timeline and to perform character interaction with different elements present in the setting. The interface is so sleek and easy to handle that you will feel like playing a video game when adjusting the different motion of each graphic. The best part about the software is its royalty-free usage of animation you create.


It is an expert free tool that provides the facility to create motion graphics without the need to pay huge subscription charges. The software has the features to make appealing visual effects and 3D printed models. You can work on interactive applications and even make your video games look utterly enticing. Its features involve UV wrapping, 3D modeling, texturing, and rigging. The skinning and raster graphic effects are also available which makes this software the best choice for the professionals. With the help of this application you can edit videos, track your cameras, perform body simulation, do match moving and composite videos.


Modo can be your ultimate choice to produce innovative and highly interactive animation. It you want diversity and ease; this is the platform to count on. You can work on 3D animation creation for different application. You can utilize the variety of lighting options to enhance its high definition quality.

You can also dive into its pool full of features and buttons to add a touch of creativity while bringing ease in your production. If you have watched the movies Iron Man, Ant Bully or Stealth you must have been convinced by the incredible flair of skills and expertise seen in the animation creation. You can create the same, start using the software and bring the change you want.

Wrapping Up

It’s recommended to first dig deeper into the software or tool before you begin using it or relying over it. You must know the kinds of options it offers and the quality it provides. Remember your quality defines your work and experience. So, produce immaculate quality animation and go for tools that only lessen your fatigue and make animation fun-filled and interesting for you. You can even check feedback on reputable sites when in doubts about any software.

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