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5 Essentials Items You Need To Plan An Amazing Event

If you want to put produce a company event, then there are many factors you will need to take into consideration. The truth is that there are so many things you will need to address, that it can fill a book. But in this article, we want to provide four event planning tips to ensure that things run smoothly.

1. Select the date, the venue and the team!

One of the first things you are going to need to consider is the date of your event and the event rentals Las Vegas as they go hand in hand.. Here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing these two aspects:

A. The fixed date: it is recommended that it does not coincide with holidays. You ensure a good number of attendees!

B. The seasonal season : there are studies that confirm that the best months of celebration are usually May and October, followed by June and November.

If the assistance requires a trip, you will have to take into account the prices of the flights and accommodation especially during holidays.

The selected space must transmit, communicate and empathize with the values ​​of your brand. There are many trends you are going to need to consider if you want to create a memorable event.

Here are some other factors to consider with the venue:

  • Capacity: the dimensions of the space and all its possibilities.
  • The lighting and sound systems . Visit the location as many times as you need to make sure everything is tailored to your needs!
  • The technical team that offers the space.
  • Wifi and its capabilities
  • Accessibility and location : it is important that the area hosting the event is accessible (public transport, good location, parking, etc.). Normally, for events of this theme, large auditoriums or convention centers are usually used. It is recommended that you reserve the place six months or even a year in advance.

The next thing is to define very well the production team that will support all the phases of the event. The team that is part of the organization will be responsible for complying with the “timing” set and for any problems that may arise including tech issues. You can hire a reputed event company Singapore for this purpose and they will take care of everything related to the event.

2. Contact the guest speakers

Another essential step is to invite the leaders of the marketing world who are going to be part of this great communication event and decide who the speakers are going to be and close the topics they are going to present with them.

“Hiring a keynote speaker is going to be one of the most important decisions you make with your event” suggests Dan Smith from the public speaker agency Keynote Speakers. “So much of your events success is going to ride on who your speakers are.”

Once the speakers accept your invitation, it is important to take care of them, write to them and thank them for their attendance. I recommend that you send them an “action plan” with a personalized discount code for their followers. In this way you will get them to publicize the event on their social networks and attract more attendees.

“When hiring a speaker, you want to make sure they have some audience pull to make your event more exciting” suggests John Rogan of the speaker agency Motivational Speakers. “When you negotiate the speaker fees, you will want to take into account whether they can help promote your event or not.”

3. Get sponsors involved

It is also important that you get sponsors , since this will not only help you to publicize the event and add more participation activities, but it will also allow you to save certain costs . Here are some key guidelines for attracting sponsors:

• You have to be brief and convince them with your proposal

• Briefly present your brand and the characteristics of your event

• Explain the reasons why you want their sponsorship

• The spaces that you will have for your “stand” or “presence of your brand ”

• Communicate very clearly the benefits you will obtain

4. Establish a work schedule

It is essential to set how the team is going to work and to draw up a timing of tasks with dates for each activity. Establishing a program will be the guide for the development of the entire communication event. The internal program of the event must include the following information:

• A schedule with the activities that will take place on the day of the event. • A plan of how the event will be distributed.

• Graphic material.

• List of guests, speakers and the media.

• Establish a needs plan (everything you will need)

• Estimated budget.

• A work calendar with its development times and deadlines.

And what do we do with the guests? You have to send them a short program, the days before the event, which visually compiles the agenda, with the names of the participants, the location, hours of the talks and other existing activities.

5. Promote the event. Harness the power of social media!

It’s time to publicize your event! Prepare announcements, summon the media and contact sponsors and speakers to help you with the promotion.

When marketing your event, the reach on social networks will be greater thanks to the large existing communities in this sector. It can be made known in many ways, but here are some ideas to make the most of your communication efforts:

  • Run mailing campaigns with calls to action to the registration landing page.
  • Be consistent and set a posting schedule.
  • Create a hashtag for the event and get people to associate you with it.
  • Display or Search campaigns (or both).
  • FacebookAds and TwitterAds.
  • Send reminders with the event countdown to encourage registration.
  • Promotional discounts : for example, for the first 50 registered before a certain date.
  • Organize contests to get people involved from the start.
  • Raffle tickets , for example, through Periscope to have more social impact.
  • It is advisable to have a specific profile for the event.
  • Use photos of the speakers with famous phrases from them.
  • Make lists , for example, on Twitter, with speakers and guests.
  • Photos and videos of the organization’s day-to-day life to humanize your brand.
  • Capture potential attendees and locate people related to the sector.
  • Publish relevant information about the event through your posts.
  • Create promotional videos that generate surprise and encourage users to want to know more. Benefit from the advantages offered by all social networks.
  • Explain what the event will consist of and the reasons why they should not miss it.
  • Aim to be a “trending topic” with your hashtag on the day of the event.

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