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Event marketing best practices 8 tactics to successfully promote your event

Before going to describe about the event marketing promotion tactics, we can just discuss what event marketing is and how it is important. Event marketing is the procedure of developing a themed display, presentation, or exhibit to promote a service, product, organization or cause leveraging in-person engagement. Events can occur offline or online, and can be participated in, sponsored or hosted. The promotion of these kinds of activities can occur through number of outbound and inbound marketing techniques.

In today’s empowered-buyer world, marketers have to grab each of the opportunity to generate goodwill, make relationships, and earn the trust of the prospective customers and buyers.  The new consumer needs more than a pitch while evaluating solutions or making buying decisions. Events offer a single opportunity for them to interact with the brands to get a firsthand sense of focus of the company, personality, and perspective. Event marketing wants to be an integral division of the demand generation mix and a planned combination of online and offline events those are essential to any of the bottom line of the company.

For advertising the event, you have to start approximately 40 to 60 days previous to the date and include a mix of the following tactics- based on the target audience and in which they can participate offline and online.

Traditional Marketing Tactics

For event marketing, you can use straight marketing campaigns, but if you have the budget or finance, you can announce the event through press releases, since it is the most effective way to announce the event. For that make some research to find out the companies which may do press releases with less cost than larger companies.

Social Media

The most effective way of announcing the event is through social media network such Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. These are the great ways to connect people for attending the event. For targeting the audience, Facebook and LinkedIn offer reasonable advertising methods. For that you can create a page on Facebook for the event, you can easily promote the page, and the advertising is inexpensive.

Use the Masses

While people sign-up, give them some opportunities to share the details about the event on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook and encourage the audience to do marketing for you.

Use industry influencers

You can contact prominent people those are industry specialists and have a following in the blog. Invite those people to the event for getting the coverage about many related blogs.


Don’t miscalculate the power of blogging. This is the most one of the effective way you have. Blogging may serve number of purposes. Your blog must focus on the reason of the event, and how it will entertain attendees or inform educate.

Blogging and creating content can boost the rankings in the search engine while people searching for the information. If you can join the guest bloggers, particularly those who attending the event, it will give you great experience.

Customer feedback

If the organization features a yearly event that is well attended, particularly by a specific group, sellers will exhibit each year and regular attendees to get to know each other. Getting testimonials from attendees about how much worthwhile, fun, or educational it is to participate the event. If the testimonials from local residents which are great but which are more effective if they will come from people who are travel longer distance for participating the event.

Market the Speakers

If the event is featuring the guest speakers, focus the education of the speaker, experience and the interesting points about their lives. It will make interest for participating to experience a live event. If the organization has the fund to book a well speaker, it will make to bring more attendance.

Free tickets

One of the good ways to promote the event is to provide free admission tickets for the large attending companies. You can make request that they can mention the event to all of the contacts or make share it on the social media.

Corporate Sponsorships

Getting the corporate sponsors for the event is a successful situation for both of the parties. If the sponsor does the advertising, then it is not only good for marketing the event, but it is good for the marketing strategies for the companies. For that you can make an agreement with the corporate sponsors for getting the help for advertising the event to the contacts.

Use the Existing Events

Making the announcements in the local events is the good way to generate interest. Local companies and your church may be allowing you to build announcement on the upcoming even, which can make a lot of interest with variety of groups.

Make Use of local Businesses

Local businesses are willing to add to help with the payment of organizing a special event. They can reduce the payment they give on their tax return, but many of the businesses are very concerned in the community events and are more willing to offer help particularly if it is a well known organization. The owners of local businesses are not well known or have incomplete resources may be willing to assist in other methods.


One of the best method is to promote the event is to have T-shirts printed Up. You can make a logo and the name of the event and you must print the url of the website on the T-shirts for more experiences. Most of the people are open to colourful logos and it is easy to remember the logos. Numbers of companies are printing the shirts inexpensively and it is an eye catching advertising method.


SEO is another way of promoting the event. By making blog post about the event and with the help of that blog posts advertise the event in other websites.

Low budget Ideas

If the event is very new or you don’t have any big finance to work with it, trying to get a team of people together to assist to promote the event. As you know family members and friends are may be help you by walking through neighbourhoods.

So when you are going to promote the event, you have to take the advantages of booth offline and online ideas for making success of the event. If you are operating on a small budget, the event can successfully market if you are ready to promote it well.


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