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3 Smart team building activities to incorporate in your workplace

Team-building events help businesses achieve goals and create a positive office culture.

There are a variety of fun and unique team-building ideas. For example, escape rooms or murder mysteries are interactive games that involve the entire office and enhance team communication.

Businesses that utilize team-building reap benefits like improved office productivity and employee motivation.

So, to make the process easier, here are a few ideas suggested by a reputed team-building company.


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Fundraising Event

Activities that involve giving back to people in need seem to always produce positive results and encourage both personal and professional growth for the participants.

That’s why corporate challenges such as a fundraising event are a great team building activity option – it not only gets your employees to work together for a worthy cause but also develops a stronger connection with the local community and promotes your business as an entity that contributes to positive change.

The first step of organizing a charity event is deciding who you want to help. If you’re going to get your employees excited, you should allow them to make suggestions about who you should support and see which ideas get the most positive reactions.

Obviously, there are no wrong choices when it comes to helping those in need, so the only thing that matters is that you find something that most people care about.

Being a business allows you to really make a difference in your fundraising efforts – you could not only encourage your own employees to contribute but also reach out to the local community or even set up a website where people can donate to your cause.

In order to get your employees more motivated, you should set a goal for how much funds you want to raise – try to make the goal ambitious but realistic so that you challenge your employees, but they also don’t get discouraged.

If you want to spice things up, you could even add a competitive element to the fundraising as well – for instance, you could set up a contest and reward the department or a group of employees that achieve the best results. The important thing is to keep it a friendly competition because you’re all working for a common good cause.

To ensure that the event goes smoothly and doesn’t take up too much of your time, it makes sense to consult an event management agency that can help put everything together and provide valuable insights to make the process more efficient.

Board Game Night

Usually, team building activities involve going out and completing tasks as a team, but while that is a popular way of going about it, there are other options as well.

Whether you’re operating on a smaller budget or just don’t want to go out, you can still reap all of the benefits that team building can offer by opting for a board game night that you can organize it in your own office.

Board games may not seem like a great way to improve teamwork, but in reality, they provide all of the necessary tools for achieving the key goals that are usually a part of any team building activity.

What’s more, some of the outdoor activities may be limiting to people with lower activity levels, but with board games, everybody can participate, which is essential for promoting office unity and not leaving anyone out.

But what kinds of games can you play?

Well, a game night doesn’t mean that you have to restrict yourself to sitting around a table and playing board games. In fact, some of the most fun games are those that get people moving around – for instance, you could organize a scavenger hunt that gets your employees to work together and solve problems, helping you achieve your team building goals in the process.

And even if you opt for board games, be creative – today there are more game options than ever, so look for one that will get your workers excited, challenge them, and force them to collaborate or interact.

Party games usually work particularly well are those that are fun and force people to get out of their comfort zone, which can translate to office life as well.

Add in some drinks and delicious snacks, and you’ll have yourself a night that everyone will be looking forward to.

Incentive Trip

Finally, if you have the budget and want to provide your employees with an unforgettable company outings, you can’t go wrong with an incentive trip by Peddle Perth that will help you achieve your business goals and also bring your team closer together in the process.

Basically, incentive trips are a vacation or a journey that you offer as a reward for your employees that are able to meet your goals, hit milestones, or otherwise excel in their performance.

The reason corporate tours Singapore work so well is that they provide a lucrative prize for achieving the goals and reward your most hardworking employees, helping improve office culture in the process.

It can get quite stressful when dealing with deadlines and challenging projects at the office, so giving your employees a reward that they can look forward to can help to not only push through the tough stretches but also keep them motivated and engaged throughout the process.

What’s more, when people are working to achieve a shared reward, it helps to promote teamwork and improve office chemistry, which can have substantial long-term benefits for your business as well.

The trips themselves are a great team building activity as well – enjoying a memorable journey together allows your employees to get to know one another and build personal relationships, which can then translate to the workplace as well and form a more cohesive unit.

However, when thinking of the specific incentive travel trip, you should probably consult an event planner – he can help you make the reward more exciting and put a unique spin that serves as a team building activity, while also ensuring that the event doesn’t go over budget.

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