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Winter Biking – Few Tips Every Biker Should Know

Biking is generally a rejuvenating experience, notwithstanding, many bikers stop biking in winter because of the cold and the struggle to keep the body warm while biking in the winter. Although the stress might not seem worth it, you may want to consider biking in winter as it benefits you with the following:

  • The body uses more oxygen effectively.
  • The body burns down more calories effectively.
  • It relaxes your nerves and muscles.

Preparing to ride in winter can be challenging without proper knowledge of how well to get ready to bike in black ice, darkness, downpours, or snow. Below are valuable tips for riding and enjoying what you love regardless of how heavy the winter is.

Ensure you are visible or easily seen

Drivers do not expect to see bikers on the way during winter because of how cool, snowy, and dark it could get. To avoid being run over, a biker can use any or a combination of the following to remain seen.

  • Light reflectors.
  • Bright cycling clothes.
  • Headlights.
  • Extra rechargeable bike lights.

These will undisputedly make you more seen. You could go extra by getting certain kinds of bikes, which will make you more visible to drivers or make your biking experience an unforgettable one.

Dress in body warming clothes and provide a covering for your extremities

You don’t go biking in winter with a strapless gown or a singlet. You need to dress up to cover your body against the harsh cold weather. To achieve this, you need head coverage, gloves, and socks to keep warm.

Also, using a knitted cap for the head and neck will help in retaining warmth. You can put on hand gloves to shield your hands from cold and thick socks to keep your feet warm. You can consider doubling the clothing if the cold is extreme. Also, when selecting a jacket to wear, consider one that is wind and water-resistant.

You can use the following to keep your hands from cold:

  • Air activated heat packs.
  • Disposable surgical gloves.
  • A functional coverall hat that protects the head. Take with you a pollution mask to keep away dirt from your face.

Care for your bike and dispose of spoiled old bike clothing

Ensure you wash your bike after every cycle because when you ride in winter, you get splashes of dirty water on your bike. When this stays for long on the bike, it can cause rusting and damage to some parts of the bike. You can spray it on the bike frame to reduce the ice that sticks to the bike and the grime that could be on the tires.

Talking about caring for your bike, the electric bike comes to mind as it has a low cost of maintenance. Though it costs more to purchase, its low cost of maintenance makes up for the initial cost. Other benefits of motorized bikes include:

  • Energy efficiency.
  • No emission of toxic gas to the atmosphere
  • They can be very fast.

Also, certain materials used as clothing for cyclists wear out with time. Ensure to sort out and dispose of all clothing that has broken down or torn, which helps to decongest your drawer and prevent spring saddle sore.

Always go biking with extra gears

Bikers in the winter should always carry alongside two pairs of gloves and stocks. One pair should be lighter than the other so that you can alternate between the two depending on the change in temperature or unforeseen circumstances. Ensure to store the extra pairs in a water-resistant bag.

Keep your liquids warm or hot

Winter is cold and windy however when biking in this season, you need to keep yourself hydrated because you will still sweat. Keep your drinks warm or hot to give you a feeling of warmth from the inside. You can use an insulated flask or mug to keep your drink hot.

Protect your skin

Even though the sun is often not out or not hot in winter, it is important and necessary to apply sunscreen to any part of your body that is prone to exposure. This becomes pertinent when there is snow. This is because the snow reflects a high percent of ultraviolet radiation. To this end, ensure that you apply moisturizers, sunscreen, and lip balm to your lips.

Other tips to consider for exciting cycling in the winter include:

  • Planning your route before embarking on your biking.
  • Always ride with friends.

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