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Cost of a Restaurant Website

The restaurant owners often doubt in the necessity of a website for a restaurant. The reasons of these doubts are different.

  1. Some think that creation of a website for a restaurant is not necessary as they already have regular customers.

In this case, everything depends on the restaurant ambitions. If your aim is to draw as many potential customers as possible, and become the best, your restaurant does need the best website. In addition, according to statistics around 80% of customers search for a restaurant prior to visit for the first time.

  1. Some refuse from a website, because they do not provide online orders and do not host events.

When traveling people set itineraries, which include accommodation, restaurants and shopping. A client-oriented website with exquisite design will be a significant advantage over your competitors.

  1. Some suppose that having a social media page with numerous followers is enough for a restaurant.

The point here is that Google prioritizes official websites and local listings higher than social media pages. When searching for your restaurant by name, it would be easily found. However, some other requests like “best Italian restaurant in Vancouver” won’t find exactly your place. In short, social media won’t provide you with all features that can be provided by your own website.

Difference Between a Website for $500 and $5,000

If you decided to create a website then next step is to estimate its cost. The market of web design is filled with numerous design agencies, therefore the pricing varies dramatically.

The price depends on the type of a website – some template website would cost around $1000, and custom design accompanied with creative website concept, testing of different design versions, and so on would request significant investments.

Do not forget that a website is more a service than a product; therefore, it is difficult to estimate the average cost of website for your restaurant.

Any website is better than none. However, it should be complied with your brand, reflect the ideology of your restaurant. It should also have features like an online ordering system included in the price, so you can start taking food orders online directly from your website.

During the process of creation of a website, many questions would appear. So it is recommended to set up your budget and to involve several web companies that could make a website for your money.

Traditionally, the location of the best web design companies is Northern Europe and New York City. Such agencies are perfect for developing websites with cost starting from $150,000. Eastern Europe companies are considered as the most affordable among excellent level ones.

Unfortunately, many restaurant websites are of poor quality. Nowadays, online users pay more attention to web experience, than to dining experience they might have.

The Vintage team does its best to create the top websites for our customers in order to eliminate zero tolerance for poor websites among restaurateur.

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