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Top 3 Asp .Net Development Companies In The World

Settling on an asp net development company for your project is not easy. Does it surprise you that net development companies are could be found practically at any point in the world?

While there are a growing number of choices in companies contesting for the attention and business of potential buyers, not all offer quality services. When choosing a custom net development, it is essential to select one that offers value for money, provides efficient and hassle-free service, and has a history of providing great customer care.

Before you put your hard-earned money into an asp net web development company, make sure they have plenty of years of experience, as well as positive reviews, and a solid reputation among their software peers.

Top 3 Asp .Net Development Companies In The World

If you’ve decided to have a shot at an asp .net development company, there are several things to consider first: where is the outsource asp net development firm based, how much they charge and is there easy access to their portfolio.


N-iX has developed a strong skill set in the new-age cloud technology. They specialize in developing customized web applications for people who want to take their ideas from concept to reality. CxO’s, managers, and owners can choose from a range of platform options, including ASP .NET, PHP, and Java using a variety of database options, such as SQL Server and Oracle.

The Ukrainian veteran is colossal compared to any other offshore solution. They’ve been on the market since 2002 and are the perfect guys for enterprises. Located in 4 countries in Eastern Europe (Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, and Bulgaria), they boast over 1,700 qualified experts. It gloats with a staggering 4.8 stars.

Charges vary but they are usually between 50 and 99 USD per hour.

The Lviv-based organization, however, is not a perfect solution for start-ups and small businesses.

Andersen Lab

Andersen is a New York-based provider of IT consultancy, design, and development services. The agency offers startups and old dogs solutions  that help them reach new heights with advanced tech capabilities and a proven history of 14 years.

Their usual charge is between $25 and $49 per hour but can go up significantly for more intricate projects. 4.9 stars indicate quality and dedication.

The minimum project size is $10,000 which is a reliable base for SMBs. During the time the Americans were running their company, more than 1000 projects have been successfully launched and 90% of the customers have been retained.


Another representative of Eastern Europe is Scalefocus. The Bulgarian firm is founded in 2012, yet their team managed to complete over 500 projects and have over 300 clients.

Scalefocus has at its disposal technology and consultancy services that enable companies to accelerate innovation, solve complex challenges, and improve industry agility in their markets. On their page, they claim they’ve made their own custom frameworks which might be a huge thumbs up.

The Sofia-based agency has more than 650 employees in 5 locations. 4.9 starts justify the $50 – $99 hourly pay rate.

Bear in mind the minimum project size is $75,000.

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