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The Future of Web Development: 7 Big Trends for 2021

We can find more than 1.7 billion websites across the globe. Organizations are constantly competing with each other for that top rank in search engines. The onus is hence on the web developers in the USA to know and learn newer ways to develop websites to grow their business exponentially. Now web development is different from mere coding. The product faces the end-users, and hence, they represent the entire business to the world. Needless to say, the significance of website development for a successful business is firmly understood and established.

Over the years, website development has evolved and become more innovative. Efficient technologies have cropped up, leading to effective methods that facilitate this development. A reliable Web development company USA can create decent websites for clients without having to code much. They make effective use of frameworks available in the market. This convenience has brought in more space for innovation. Thus, newer development trends have started cropping up with more dynamic and practical methods leading to fantastic designs.

The top 7 web development trends

The web development sector is constantly changing. Developers must learn newer trends. Their goals must align with market trends, popular approaches and techniques to make your designs acceptable to organizations and businesses.

1. Dark Theme UI

Let’s start with some visual trends. This trend is more popular in the case of mobile applications where users prefer the dark or Night mode. Websites are also gradually moving towards a dark-themed UI as they are easier and safer for our eyes. It reduces strains to our eyes and enhances light content visibility. Not to mention the savings it provides on battery life. The dark mode effectively increases the amount of black pixels in the content. This provides the website with a stylish yet convenient user experience. The trend has picked up quite some steam in the last year.

It is surely here to stay in the near future. Website giants such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube have all incorporated the dark themed UI. It’s time to pursue your web developer USA to provide the same for your business website.

2. Single paged websites

Last year, many companies welcomed the idea of a single page website, and it proved to be a hit. This comes as a relief for web developers in the USA as they no longer have to go through extensive structures. Most people use the Internet through their mobile devices on which single page websites are easier to navigate. Age-old conventions of building separate pages based on different topics are gradually becoming obsolete.

Single paged websites reduce the load on the page load and hence make your website faster. This results in a decrease in bounce rate. They are easier to host and therefore cheaper. Businesses can use a single-page website to effectively reach their target audience without deploying volumes of content. Web developers in the USA use minimalistic designs that make the pages easier to build and read. The simplicity of this concept has garnered it a top spot in our list of web design trends for 2021.

3. Progressive web app development (PWA)

Although PWAs may seem like other native mobile applications, they are, in essence, websites. Studies reveal that PWAs provide around 40 per cent more conversion rates as compared to native apps. Hence, we can consider them as a highly profitable trend in the near future. The main goal of PWAs is to provide a mobile-like app experience across every device to users.

PWAs are more responsive and interactive; they revolutionize user experiences through their app like functionalities. But we do not have to download it. In the last few years, Twitter, Amazon, Forbes and other big guns have combined web and native applications for decreasing bounce rates and increasing conversion rates.

The insurgence of PWAs has global brands that identify strongly with their target audience. The offline mode of work that PWAs endorse enhances page speed resulting in fast loading. With the daily increase of mobile device users, the accessibility and reliability of PWAs are going to make this trend stay for quite some time.

4. Voice recognition tech

IoT has facilitated a lot of newer technologies in recent times. One facet it is bound to improve in the next few years is voice recognition and voice search. The utility of voice search tech will impact the way developers do things. Voice eCommerce is poised to govern market proceedings with companies like Google, Amazon and Microsoft using the technology and introducing innovations regularly. With the inception of smart assistants and speakers, voice tech has reached newer heights.

5. Cloud computing ability

Public cloud services are growing at a staggering rate and are expected to touch the $300 billion mark by the end of the year. Cloud computing advancements are hence inevitable in the world of web development. Could computing prevent numerous benefits such as data overloading and data loss which has made it replace regular servers? Popular services such as AWS and GCP have strengthened web architectures of global organizations and reduced costs in the process.

Web developers in the USA are aware of the growing importance of cloud computing and must do their best to integrate the same in their designs.

6. AI chatbots

AI powered communication has been gradually rising since 2020. Websites are focusing largely on building AI chatbots enabling virtual assistants to provide improved customer experiences. Chatbots are convenient and can engage users when they open the landing page. Fast responses help businesses avoid delays and hence drop off rates. We train bots on data collection through a series of engagements which allows them to provide enhanced functionalities.

7. Web Security

Hackers have become very skillful in the enhanced era of cybercrime. This has worried global companies who are using digital platforms more and more to run businesses. Websites contain lots of sensitive information about customers. Strict website security protocols are a must in 2021, and compliance issues have become popular. Regular software updates have become vital for ensuring website security. Password management solutions are also significant in ensuring your websites do not get hacked.


The present global situation has compelled businesses to depend on remote solutions. The web development trends mentioned above helps web developers in the USA build seamless tools. Advanced frameworks such as Angular JS and Node JS are here to stay in the spotlight for many coming years. Newer technologies will arrive, but the development trends mentioned above will govern web development services and help organizations make their websites better. IoT, motion UI, and accelerated mobile packages are newer trends to look up to and will govern the web development space in the coming years.

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