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Is it easy to buy a car without showing it first?

Buying a car is a significant investment. The idea of purchasing a vehicle without inspection and test-driving it may sound unnerving. It is always a good idea to view a car in person before making a purchase. However, this is not always possible depending on your circumstances. These days the internet has made things more manageable. You can secure a title loan without showing the car and even buy one sight-unseen after conducting the proper research. Here is how to buy a car without seeing it first.

1. Research

Research is critical when it comes to buying a car without seeing it first. It is equally important when you are opting for Leasing. The process begins the same way as buying a new car. You must learn as much as you can about the make and model. Find out whether any mechanical or electric problems surface in a specific model year and whether there were any recalls. You can visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website to see whether there are any recalls on the model you wish to buy. If there are recalls, you can ask potential sellers whether the recalls were addressed.

2. Set a Budget

Whether you wish to buy online or not, you must be realistic about how much you want to spend on your next vehicle. Think about your priorities. Do you have a long commute? Is fuel economy essential to you? What are your must-have features? All these are questions that you must consider when setting a budget. Remember that sometimes the car may cost more than the sticker price due to factors such as gas, insurance, and repairs.

3. Compare Prices

Once you have a budget, go online and start your search. If you have a model in mind, shop for deals. However, do not change the model you want because you found a good deal. For instance, if you want a minivan, do not go for a sports car because you found a deal. If a different manufacturer offers a better incentive on a similar vehicle to what you are looking for, go with that one.

4. Speak to Someone on the Phone

Try to speak to someone on the phone from the dealer. Speaking about the vehicle over email or social media will not allow you to get the complete picture. Speaking in person will let you ask the right questions. Ask about the condition and the service and maintenance record. If something does not sound right during the phone call, it is probably not right. No one will question you for walking away from a car and a deal if it does not sit well with you.

5. Get a Vehicle Inspection

Have a qualified engineer view the car on your behalf. The inspection may expose a fault you wouldn’t have noticed. This may also be the final piece of the puzzle since it will confirm whether it is the right car for you.

Now you can purchase a car comfortably without seeing it first.


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