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Are Smart Homes Connecting Brits? [Infographic]

A home is classed as a smart home when it is equipped with lighting, heating, and electronic devices that can be controlled via a smart phone or computer. The devices used may also provide intelligent feedback and information by monitoring multiple aspects of a home.

The average revenue per installed Smart Home currently amounts to £569.62. Revenue in the Smart Home market amounts to £3,204m in 2019. However, even though the market is booming, Initial costs and privacy concerns are the two most significant barriers preventing people from purchasing smart home technology.

The cost of a smart home really depends on how many controlled devices there are. An Amazon Alexa is classes as a smart device, which is less than £100, but of course the cost would be much more to completely make your home a smart one.

Interestingly, when Brits were asked to choose a smart home invention of the future, 35% of them said they wanted a self cleaning oven and 21% said they wanted a self cleaning toilet. It seem like Brits really want developments in smart technology that will minimise cleaning tasks.

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