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5 Brilliant App Development ideas to build in 2022

Do you want to build a mobile application? Check out the best app development ideas that can give you a competitive advantage over other businesses. Smart app-building ideas are integral to understanding your target audience’s desires, meet their demands, and stand out from the crowd.

5 App Development Ideas

App development ideas from this post are some points to focus on. They can be drastically different from old ones due to the global epidemic impact. Check out some of the top mobile app ideas 2022 that you can focus on.

Virtual Health App

Virtual health apps are one of the most trending app ideas to use in 2022. People want to get access to healthcare facilities in their hands, which you can provide. Healthcare-based apps include time or distance trackers, steps counters, virtual stopwatches for exercises, and click counters. You can search for virtual health apps for app development ideas to see what competitors do and, more importantly, what the audience prefers.

Pharmacy Delivery Service

Note that pharmacies have focused on providing delivery services to gain more sales than competitors. Their target audience is patients who may not be able to visit pharmacies to make a purchase. So a delivery service is one of the best app ideas for pharmacies. It is a win-win situation as the business gains sales and clients gain convenience. Clients also prefer a business that provides maximum convenience.

Live Video Streaming App

A lot of people want to be a blogger now, and you can make your dream a reality. There may be really strong competitors, but let’s not forget how TikTok took overtook YouTube within a year. So, the Internet world is open for good app development ideas to conquer the world, to be created after conducting expert market research.

Social Networking App

We all want to stay connected, and that’s why social networking apps owners are billionaires through their brilliant app ideas. Social networking site owners targeted the desire to stay connected at minimum cost. Every person who uses a smartphone usually has 1 to 8 social networking apps installed, such as Instagram, Telegram, Twitter and Snapchat, etc. So, your app can be a successful one also, if you focus on the pain points of your target audience.

Apps with AR features

For instance, L’oreal used an AR feature application in which you can virtually try on their makeup using your phone camera. This boosted L’oreal’s client engagement, as everyone was curious to try the application. In essence, the use of the app led to increased sales. You can create apps with AR features to make a client’s imagination turn into a reality.

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How Much Does It Cost To Develop an App?

The amount of time-to-market affects the price of custom software development significantly. Also, the development costs are affected by the complexity of software, and the number of features. If you need a forward-looking application with a distinctive function list, the final price will be high.

Average Costs for App Development

For instance, skilled developers in the US, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, Western Europe, and other countries may charge $70 to $150 per hour. Also, you will be required to hire a project manager and QA testing specialists. As a consequence, the application development budget may reach hundreds of thousands of dollars. However, you can save money by outsourcing app development.

How To Save On Your Budget

Since many different factors affect the final price, you can lower the budget by reducing expenses and by paying close attention in these areas:

  • discovery phase
  • outsourcing
  • MVP
  • cross-platform app development

The discovery phase is the foremost stage that can affect the final app development cost. It defines the technology and the stack that should be used, as well as all the requirements and features of the future app.

Outsourcing is the practice of hiring external companies to delegate software development. Usually, companies from less-developed countries are chosen. If you reach a company based in Asia, Eastern or Central Europe, or Latin America, you significantly cut the software development costs. Check out the software project estimation charges in the comparison table below.


Junior (price per hour)

Middle (price per hour)

Senior (price per hour)

Baltic States




























The MVP (minimum viable product) stage is when you develop the first version of an application that can be launched. It defines the stage when you make your app available to users. By releasing an app early, you can gather more feedback from users that will help create an app they will like for a lower price. Also, an early launch can help avoid the need to redo different features.

It’s recommended to stick to cross-platform solutions to reduce pricing. It will help you develop an app for different operating systems. For instance, you can hire a specialist in flutter app development and save money on development. In such a case, you won’t be required to develop iOS and Android versions of your application separately.


Market research, gap identification, and competitor analysis can bring great ideas to the table. You can see what features your competitors lack and make it your application’s unique plus point in app development ideas. Creating an application with a whole new idea can be good, but providing better apps in existing categories works even faster. However, they don’t need to be complex apps. They can be simple app ideas that make money.


How do I develop an app idea?

In order to come up with a great idea for developing an app, it’s recommended that you explore the market and find problems that need to be resolved.

What apps should you build in 2022?

There is a large range of niches that need high-end solutions in the form of an application. For example, you can build a banking, entertainment, or social media application.

What’s the most popular app in 2021?

Indeed, TikTok is the most popular app in 2021. Besides, its popularity keeps growing quickly because the company continually gets rid of a large number of limitations.

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