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Why choose Eastern Europe as your IT outsourcing destination in 2020?

Eastern Europe is a rapidly growing IT outsourcing market that houses more than 1.3 million IT specialists. Lately, Eastern Europe has become very attractive to foreign investors, especially from the US, UK, and Western Europe who seek well-prepared specialists and a well-balanced price-quality ratio.

Because of the high-level education (a result from the previous era) and constantly seeking for improvement, the IT specialists from Eastern Europe are able to take on any kind of project and deliver astonishing results in various areas of activity, from automotive to enterprise software.

A few good reasons

Presently, Europe has 6,1 million IT specialists, according to a report from the State of European Tech. However, unlike a few years back, the numbers of software developers working in Western and Eastern Europe have shifted. Nowadays, Eastern Europe is facing the tendency of an increasingly growing number of developers, while Western Europe is dealing with a shortage of IT specialists.

Eastern Europe is also located in a convenient geography and time zone. All the countries can be reached within a 2- or 3-hours flight from any part of Western Europe. The area is also well connected with some of the major cities in the US.

Regarding culture, Eastern and Western cultures are very similar and usually, the majority of IT specialists follow the international business codes of conduct. They also speak very good English. According to the English Proficiency Index, most countries from Eastern Europe have moderate to high English skills.

Why should Romania be on your map for your IT outsourcing project?

At this moment, Romania has a talent pool of almost 120,000 IT professionals. For now, Romania’s IT market is valued at about €1 billion but it is expected to grow by 10% by the end of the year 2020.

The Romanian government supports the development of the IT infrastructure with special regulations which allowed the market to grow and companies to develop. The digitalization process is in full development in Romania and it is strongly backed by numerous specialists and companies. Due to the average yearly growth of 15%, the IT industry became one of the main contributors to the country’s GDP.

70% of the IT market in Romania is formed by foreign investors and local companies earn about €50 million annually.

The talent pool is constantly growing with about 7000 new graduates every year.

AROBS, the partner you want for your software development project

AROBS Transilvania Software is a Romanian IT company, headquartered in Cluj-Napoca. Since its inception, in 1998, AROBS grew into a company with almost 1000 IT specialists serving over 7000 clients worldwide. Besides Cluj, AROBS is also present in another 6 major cities in Romania, with offices in Baia-Mare, Arad, Bucharest, Iasi, Suceava, Targu-Mures.

Globally, AROBS is present in Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, the Republic of Moldova, Indonesia, and Hungary.

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