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Top IT Staffing Companies in Vietnam

Not too ‘adventurous’ like software development outsourcing, yet too heavy on recruiting responsibilities – maintaining and training like permanent IT staff recruiting, IT staffing nowadays has been emerging as a trend popular among businesses. It can be said that IT Staffing is one of the most classic types of human resources, including finding and hiring a team of IT engineers for your own business.

Therefore, seeking a team with professional capabilities to pursue your project over a period of time is seemingly difficult yet quite easy if you choose the right team of service providers right at the beginning – keep in mind that this is the most important factor in your entire way to build and develop your software product. Among countries with strengths in software technology, Vietnam is considered to be a prominent name – small but mighty country, along with good service quality and affordable service fees. Here, this article will outline the information you need to know before starting to use IT Staffing services, and top 10 IT Staffing companies in Vietnam.

What is IT Staffing?

Firstly, if you wish to find an IT staff that suits your business needs, you need to go through a process of selecting candidates and come to a cooperation agreement. Then, you will need to maintain a sufficient and quality IT staff to bring proper technological impacts on the business performance. Apparently, it is certain that not all businesses have sufficient budget and time to implement this recruitment & human resource development process.

Understanding the needs of technology development of clients worldwide, Saigon Technology brings IT Staffing service as an affirmation of its flexibility and diversity. When using IT Staffing service, customers can easily select a software specialist to support their projects in two forms: remote support or join an in-house team to complete the project.

Benefits of IT Staffing

Not only can IT Staffing services be used for remote assistance, businesses can also ask employees of software solution companies to come to their offices, sit with in-house employees and join them collaborate for a limited period of time – depending on the requirements and nature of the project.

However, to talk about the benefits that IT Staffing service brings, you can take a look at the following 3 main utilities:

  • Diverse talents

Based on the personnel base available at software solution companies in general and at Saigon Technology in particular, you will easily access and select the right one for your project and desires. Vast pool of talents at Saigon Technology will definitely meet all your requirements!

  • Save recruitment costs and maintain manpower

To start a journey to find talent, you will definitely need to spend a little (or perhaps a large amount) of budget. After finding the right candidate for the position you need, it is a journey of maintenance and development not only for that one employee, but also for the division and the team. And of course, not all businesses meet the economic conditions or demand for these bulky expenditures, especially for SMEs.

  • Save time on recruiting and training

In addition to the budget, time is also an extremely important factor determining the effectiveness of the whole project. From the vast and available talent pools, with the professionalism and sensitivity of the diverse types of projects of Saigon Technology, your project will surely become time-to-market and quickly respond to your needs.

How to well manage an offshore development team

Are you sure everything will go smoothly from the beginning of the project to the end without your follow-up and opinion? Definitely not. For any type of personnel recruiting or hiring – including IT Staffing, discussions and meetings always play an important role in the success of a project. Managing a team has never been an easy task and is always a challenge, while managing one far away can be even more difficult. Therefore, you’d better:

  • Learn about what field you are going to work on
  • Search and choose for your own staff
  • Let them have the autonomy of certain options in their expertise
  • Lean communication methods with each other through messaging platforms, online meetings …
  • Respect cultural diversity and differences.
  • Communicate your needs clearly.
  • Set flexibly schedule meetings up together since a time zone gap will appear probably

Why Vietnam for your IT Staffing project?

CIO magazine suggests that software outsourcing in Vietnam saves up to 90% of costs, compared with software development in the United States. Even better, when compared to India, software development in Vietnam is 1/3 to 1/7 times cheaper. In fact, software outsourcing in general and IT staffing in particular in Vietnam is being recognized as a cost-effective, high-quality software development solution in Asia.

The reason why Vietnam could hold that high position in the world software technology industry is thanks to the following factors:

  • Strong economic potential

In Vietnam, technology is considered the main pillar of the economy. Therefore, each year, Vietnam sees more than 40,000 Vietnamese software experts graduate and join the workforce. This figure represents a ~ 20% annual increase for an established software industry that exported $ 3.5 billion worth of software in 2018 and overall 7.1% GDP growth in the same time frame. It can be stated that Vietnam is now not just a specialized technology country, but also a technology hub.

  • Fair service rate

Talking about the price, it will be difficult to find any continent in the world with a reasonable price with the same quality as in Asia. Possessing young, plentiful human resources and comprehensive professional knowledge, Vietnam is gradually asserting the country’s capacity in the international marketplace. Therefore, the price of software development services of teams based in Vietnam is not too high.

  • Well controlled disease situation

In order to meet the rigorous and strict requirements from IT Staffing projects, health is considered the key to success – especially in the current unpredictable pandemic era around the world.

Worldwide, there have been more than 70 million cases of COVID-19 and nearly two million people couldn’t make it through the disease. Up to now, the pandemic has been basically controlled in Vietnam, with only over one thousand victims and exactly 35 people died. This number is a result of the efforts of the government and the entire citizens of Vietnam. Thus, the stable disease situation, the stable health of human resources are also the reasons why you should choose Vietnam.

Top IT Staffing companies in Vietnam

  • PYCOGroup

Founded in Belgium in 1999, PYCOGROUP is made up of passionate consultants and developers from diverse cultures around the globe, PYCOGroups’ talents help accelerate digital transformation and provide results-oriented solutions. As a dynamic team of 550 employees, the group has also set up new business projects in Vietnam by cooperating with YellowPepper, Atlassian, Magnolia, Ansarada and MessageMedia with a wide range of service, including IT staffing.

  • Saigon Technology Solutions

With nearly a decade of establishment and development with the world information technology industry in general and in Vietnam in particular, Saigon Technology has been holding a high position in the list of 15 best software companies in Vietnam. With the motto of customer service: “Your mission is our success”, more than 100 highly skilled and knowledgeable staff of Saigon Technology always make every effort to bring the best products to customers.

Service fields of Saigon Technology range from finance, healthcare, banking, home appliances … to trending e-Commerce and m-Commerce, for programming languages such as ASP.NET, AngularJS, NodeJS, React JS, iOS and Android / React Native and with prominent services such as custom software development, IT staffing and so many more.

  • Rikkeisoft

Since its inception in 2012, 8 years have passed with great success and a team of amazing talents, Rikkeisoft has tried to successfully carry out many projects for its Japanese clients. In addition, every step of Rikkeisoft has the enthusiastic orientation of the Executive Board of Rikkeisoft, including experienced leaders with global thinking. All of their direct departments are tech-savvy and customer considerate, making it possible for them to quickly devise solutions and services for their customers.


NCC is headquartered in Hanoi, Vietnam, and is a network of young and passionate software engineers. NCC was founded in 2014 by 4 software engineers, up to now, NCC has always kept the same mission as in the beginning, as a team of skilled experts in software development.

They use their passion for development to provide the best software applications, with the combination of technology and excellent communication skills between customers and employees, NCC is loved by many clients worldwide.

  • Amaris Consulting

Amaris Consulting is an independent technology consulting firm that provides guidance and solutions for businesses with more than 7,000 members of 95 different nationalities, spread across 5 continents and more than 60 countries.

With over 1,000 customers globally, Amaris Consulting have deployed solutions to large projects for over a decade. Their specialists are involved in all industries ranging from financial services and transportation, to healthcare and technology… with services such as prestigious IT staffing, convenient software outsourcing and some other outstanding services.

  • Groove Technology

Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, with a staff of up to 250 talented members, Groove Technology is considered a pioneer – paving the way for advanced software technology production, high-quality, including advanced software development services through a unique, integrated resource model, Groove Technology helps smart businesses maximize opportunities, ensure the well-being of the people. members and increase profits.

  • Adamo Digital

During 5 years of operation in Vietnam, Adamo Digital has provided outstanding IT outsourcing services to many groups of customers from the US, Canada, Australia, Europe and Singapore. Adamo Digital’s dynamic team of members includes developers, designers, QA, testers and project managers. Also, during the establishment and development of the business, Adamo Digital has successfully developed more than 60 projects related to mobile application development, web design development services, portal development and services.

  • Beetsoft

Beetsoft has gone through 6 years of establishment and development to become IT Outsourcing, Consulting, Annotation and BPO company with headquarters in Vietnam and Japan. Beetsoft primarily caters to SMEs and MNCs globally by offering premium services – including IT Staffing, custom software outsourcing… at affordable prices.

  • CMC Technology

Established in 1993, CMC has affirmed its position in the Vietnamese market and many countries around the world through key business activities in 3 blocks: Technology & Solution Division (Technology & Solution), Business Block International Business (Global Business), Telecommunications Service Division (Telecommunications).

  • EZtek

EZtek is headquartered in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, with expertise in web application development and mobile application development combined with overseas cost benefits. EZtek is ready to provide high quality software development services, primarily focused on minimizing project costs and maximizing customer profit. EZtek’s team consists of young and talented professionals, well trained to meet the needs of clients in a one-time software development project or hire a dedicated software development team.

  • Enlab Software

Enlab Software is based in Da Nang City, Vietnam and specializes in delivering trusted Agile software development services to clients across the scale. It specializes in mobile development, front-end and back-end web development, and custom software development with IT staffing service as well. It boasts of competencies in HTML, ASP.NET, PHP, Django, Laravel, Angular, VueJS, etc. The company remains dedicated to addressing the web development needs of clients through its stellar application of these technologies.


Addressing the unique challenges of your business with IT staffing is the key to realizing your business objectives and scaling up. These companies, including Saigon Technology, have a proven track record and sound portfolios that position them at the top of Vietnam’s IT staffing industry.

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