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7 Reasons to Prioritize Software Modernization

With employees demanding remote work and customers expecting a slick experience, software modernization has never been so important. Below are 7 reasons why companies should prioritize software modernization in 2022.

Better performance

A key reason behind upgrading software is that it offers better performance. Modern software is usually better integrated with other modern software. The benefits of the cloud, for example, are that it’s supported and maintained by the provider, it simplifies your IT systems, increases agility, and can scale much more smoothly as the business grows. Ultimately, it can mean avoiding the need to rely on hardware.

It’s costly to maintain legacy software

Modernizing your software sounds like a costly and timely endeavour, but this is only in the short run (if true at all). Legacy systems can become increasingly complicated the more out of date they get, meaning it costs more to maintain them. Finding the right skillsets among personnel can become increasingly scarce, whilst it can mean outsourcing dedicated IT support when it otherwise wouldn’t be necessary.

Causes you to technically assess the current software

Sometimes, it requires looking elsewhere for alternatives and upgrades before realizing just how many flaws, drawbacks, and limitations your own software has. Assessing the workflow of a modernized system can help see what’s actually possible, and how far your current system is away from that. This way, gauging the investment and returns you will see is more accurate.

Improve cybersecurity

As we are all aware, not updating your device is the single biggest security faux pas a person can make. It’s no different for the software that an organization uses either. When software becomes less supported, it’s less able to deal with newer threats. Disaster recovery is also a greater challenge, and it’s a common cause of business-critical data being stolen. Modernizing immediately improves functionality and security.

Better customer experiences

It’s not just about the productivity and work satisfaction of employees, as customer experience is vital for any business. Customers are becoming increasingly tech-savvy and therefore demand more from the products and services they use. It’s not just upgraded chatbots and website design that are important, but also innovations that the user can get stuck into, like augmented reality in a showcase room or store for a product.

Remote work

Remote work has become significantly more common in the past couple of years. In some cases, it became mandatory. This is one of the biggest benefits of modernizing your systems, as it allows for better remote access with the appropriate security protocol in place. Cloud systems can be accessed by workers from home, and these systems are purpose-built for this; faster log-ins and generally more productive.

Better usability

Usability becomes better when software is modernized. Technology functions are generally improved over time, and upgrading your system can lead to reducing workflow inhibitors and increasing business responsiveness. One example is that upgrading a POS system can mean accessing your sales and real-time data from an iPad or mobile anywhere in the world. This provides management with much clearer and immediate insight into performance and productive emergencies.

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