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5 Factors to Consider When Buying an ID Scanner for Your Business

Failure to verify customers’ ages at a liquor store, casino, convenience store, or pub can attract hefty fines and severe legal charges. This can unintentionally occur if you use a wrong ID scanner, something you want to avoid if you value your business permit. Here at the top five tips to keep in mind when purchasing an ID scanner for your business.

What types of IDs are you scanning?

Different IDs have different styles of codes. You have to know the types of ID you will be scanning as most scanners are modified to check specific ID codes. Today, many regions have adopted a 2D scannable barcode on IDs and driver’s licenses. However, some still use the magnetic strip codes, while others use a combination of both. These codes contain information on the owner’s age, address, and names.

Some scanners are barcode-only readers, while others scan magnetic strips only. Fortunately, modern scanners can scan both the magnetic stripped and barcoded IDs. These scanners are more expensive but are the best option for a business that scans different ID types.

Companies that offer their employees access cards can purchase specific scanners that suit the card’s making.

The storage capacity

Modern ID scanners have an inbuilt ID scanning software that can store scanned information for a specific time. This is an important thing to consider if you are running a pub. If legal challenges arise, the data can be easily retrieved and proof that a particular ID was scanned.

A perfect ID scanner offers the option of transferring data onto a computer. This option gives you raw data on the demographics of your customers, such as age and gender. One can even use the information to create an emailing list for marketing purposes.

Point of use or installation

Where will you be scanning IDs? For instance, pubs and nightclubs require ID checks at entry points. A rechargeable portable ID scanner is ideal in such cases. On the other hand, liquor and convenience stores require an ID scanner mounted and plugged into a power source ready to go. Therefore, you should factor in the scanning point during the purchase.


Scanners are always in use and should withstand wear and tear associated with extreme working conditions. An ideal scanner should have a long lifespan and a formidable external case that can withstand mechanical damage.

Ease of Use

A good scanner must be easy to operate. It should have easy to interpret graphics on relevant information such as ‘OK’ or ‘NOT OK’ when scanning age. Additionally, the scanner should not have dozens of buttons that might interrupt the employee during a scanning process. It should be fast and accurate, taking less than two seconds.


There are many critical aspects to consider when purchasing an ID scanner. You have to consider the technical aspects such as the type of IDs it scans and ease of use. You want a scanner that is convenient and durable.

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