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Best Way to Capture Zoom Live Transcripts

If you are using Zoom for meetings, the live transcription must be one of the most significant necessities that you want to enjoy. When it comes to the live transcriptions, one can listen to what others say, and that is enough. Some people, however, prefer to use closed captioning to get a sense of what the other people are saying.

In Zoom, it comes with closed captioning and a live transcription feature. But to what extent are you going to use it? Can it be helpful for your daily activities? Let’s find out the answers here on this page.

Zoom Closed Captioning and Live Transcription Features

Zoom allows users to use virtual closed captioning in their Zoom meetings.

The communication tool provides the subtitles for the video conferencing so that the participants in the meetings will be able to follow the meeting thoroughly.

To be able to provide the manual captioning, you need to be a host or  assigned by the host. In this case, the third-party CC service can also provide the captioning.

The other name for the live captioning feature is the live transcription feature. With this feature, you can use Zoom with automatic captioning through the CC settings. The same options are also available for the webinars. Keep in mind that the manual captioning will be provided by the host or panelist.

The captions will be visible in Zoom Rooms

You could provide the caption manually for the meetings or webinars. But you can also rely on the third party to do so. However, the standard live transcription has some limitations to consider. At first, live transcription is only available in English.

But the native live transcription of Zoom can be missing or inaccurate due to some factors such as background noise, clarity of the speakers’ voices, English fluency of the speakers, dialects, and others.

Because of the limitations above, it can be tricky to take notes during the meetings in your meetings at Zoom.

Most professionals might recommend you use a manual caption or service that can improve the accuracy. However, it can be a daunting task to do since you need to split your attention with the live transcription and the meeting participation.

As an admin or account owner with access, you can enable or disable the live transcription and closed captioning services.

Many users are using the live transcription to help them with transcription and note-taking. You can use this method too. However, we have mentioned the limitations before. You might want to take into consideration those factors first before proceeding.

With certain limitations, it will be challenging to review the meeting’s outcome with your meeting members. To boost your collaboration quality that suits your workflow, we’d like to suggest you use Notiv Notetaker during Zoom Meetings.

Notetaker Notiv

Notiv is a renowned automatic note taking software that can be integrated with Zoom. With this software, you can easily transcribe the meeting while you can focus on your meeting.

This notetaker guarantees accurate real-time transcription, which will bring great outcomes, including the action items, highlights, and summaries. Notiv is a collaborative meeting app that can help the collaboration teams review the meeting and determine the action items and tasks after the meeting.

The AI technology which backs the software can provide better outcomes from the conversations with your team.

The best thing of all is that the tool is automatic and easy to use.

Notiv can capture the complete conversation right from the beginning of the meeting to the end. From the moment you start your meeting session in Zoom, the app will automatically record the conversations. It will also end the recording when you have finished your Zoom meetings or webinars.

In the end, you will get a transcribed record of the discussions.

But that’s not the only outcome that you can make use of. The software will also provide you with the summaries and highlights. 

These components can help you conduct a quick review of your Zoom meetings. That means you will not lose the crucial moments that took place in the meetings. In addition, you can also share those important moments with your teams, colleagues, and other people.

You can integrate the solutions with your current workflow so that you can focus on your main objective. The app records everything in the background. Thus, there is no need to jot down the notes by yourself. Instead of leaving your pen and paper inside your bag, you can insteadleave them outside.

You can use Notiv notetaking software for brief meetings, corporate events, family reunions, and many other types of meetings. The transcription quality is awesome.

Besides integrating with your Zoom platform, the Notiv app can also sync with your Google Calendar. Once you add the meeting to your Google calendar, Notiv will automatically reserve it. It can even invite other users and remind them of upcoming meetings.

Notiv comes with free and paid versions. If you are not planning to spend your money on a transcribing or note-taking service, you could start it out with the free version. The free version is actually enough for note taking. However, there are a lot of features that you will be missing if you keep using the free version of Notiv.

If you have a high volume of online meetings, you could consider using Notiv to help you with the workflow.

Notiv works closely as your personal assistant

As mentioned, the software can capture the schedules in your Google Meet calendar. It will automatically send the invitations to the members of the meetings. then it will remind them when the date of the meeting is approaching. Notiv comes up with the recorded version of the conversation, an exclusive summary, as well as action items. As you share these highlights with your team, you and your team can easily decide the next actions to take and the tasks to be assigned to the particular participants.

Notiv does more than Zoom meeting transcription.  It can give you the best options to proceed with your business workflow.

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