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5 Smart Home Tech Innovations That Can Change The Way We Live

The Indian smart home market will reach $6 billion, marking a two-fold increase from an estimated $3 billion in 2020, according to The Economic Times. Over the last decades, we have witnessed an increased use of technologies in homes. Today’s homeowners want to live in futuristic houses, with innovative devices fitted everywhere to enhance comfort, security, and conveniences. That’s why it is not uncommon to see property owners purchase new tech devices and the latest inventions even when they don’t need them. As the demand for tech increases, we can expect the future of the smart home to bring about endless and fascinating possibilities. Below are 5 smart tech innovations with the potential to change how we live.

Tunable white lighting improves mood

In the modern world, living and working in spaces filled with artificial lighting has become the norm. And while artificial light seems harmless, it’s linked to various health issues like mood swings, headaches, and fatigue. Fortunately, you can improve your overall health by using lighting bulbs with mood-enhancing colors. For instance, bulbs that illuminate bluish hues help with migraines and make you feel calm. On the other hand, green light triggers hormones, red boosts energy levels, and purple hues are perfect for dealing with insomnia. The easiest way to brighten your home and enhance your mood is by installing smart tunable white lighting. This automated lighting changes to warm and cool tones on-demand or automatically. You may also adjust some smart tunable light bulbs to imitate the hues and intensity of natural sunlight.

Multitasking smart light switches

It’s already convenient to adjust lights via your smartphone, but now with tech advancement, you can ask voice assistants to do that. Typically, smart home gadgets can’t work together without some assistance. With this in mind, you’ll need a wireless tech device, such as iDevice, to combine your lighting with Alexa or other voice assistants. The compatibility between smart lights and voice assistants allows you to set lighting based on your preferences. For instance, you can command your virtual assistant to adjust the brightness of bulbs to suit a specific time of day by initiating a few words. In addition to using voice assistants to adjust lights, you can use other smart gadgets like Withings Sleep Sensor. This device turns your bulb hues to bedtime mode when you get into bed.

Smart security cameras for home security

Installing video surveillance cameras in your home is a wise decision to deter criminals, keep an eye on your loved ones, and help police capture burglars hence preventing future crimes. In fact, not having a surveillance system in modern homes sounds odd. There are plenty of affordable options available, not to mention smart security gadgets for every home. Unlike conventional systems, smart security cameras alert you in real-time when there’s an intruder on your premise. Ideally, smart security systems send notifications to your smartphone, laptop, or desktop so you can be aware of the activities taking place in your home. That way, you can take action immediately when you notice something unusual.

As technology continues advancing, experts predict smart home security cameras will be wireless and AI-enabled. Having wireless surveillance cameras means you don’t have to worry about replacing damaged or destroyed charging cables. On the other hand, integrating artificial intelligence into smart security cameras will make them more proactive. AI-enabled cameras can detect when someone gets too close to your home. And then send a verbal notification on your mobile devices before triggering a loud siren.

Robo chef for smart kitchens

Innovative home technology is revolutionizing the kitchen’s function in many ways, from smart fridges to coffee makers and microwaves. In the next coming years, the kitchen will be smarter, as people embrace the power of a robot chef. This intelligent kitchen tech innovation is perfect for individuals who have limited time to cook or dislike the idea of preparing fresh, healthy meals at home. With a Robo chef, you can eat professionally cooked meals from your kitchen without much hassle.

Smart rings transform minority report into reality

Controlling smart devices using voice command enhances convenience around the home. However, voice-controlled gadgets can be less convenient when listening to your favorite playlist or watching a movie on maximum volume. To prevent voice-controlled gadgets from performing tasks unintentionally, developers have come up with devices you can control with jewelry. For example, smart rings integrate with other smart gadgets, allowing users to give commands using simple hand gestures.

Smart technology has transformed how we live and utilize our homes. By integrating smart home tech, you can control lights and monitor your home remotely via smartphones. When in the house, you can command devices to perform various tasks using your voice only. In the next coming years, we can expect more advanced home technology like Robo chef, tunable white lighting, smart rings, and AI-enabled security cameras, to mention a few.

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