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5 hi-tech devices to make a Smart Home smarter

Just imagine how marvelous it would be if your flat could help you with housework. If only it could affect the temperature, make you coffee, clean the floor, order necessary food from the supermarket, and so on. Looks like a picture of the house of the future somewhere on Mars, doesn’t it? But this future has already come, and it’s called a Smart Home. Smart Home is a complex of different hi-tech solutions for automation of our everyday life. Nowadays modern technologies can relieve people of housekeeping routine and do the majority of tasks by themselves without any side intervention. All you need is a set of devices accomplishing absolutely everything from fire preventing to laundering. Here are several appliances that could make your life easier.

Lets go!

Burglar Alarm System

Unfortunately, nowadays the problem of break-in is quite urgent. According to statistics, every day about 25-30 house owners are deprived of their property. And the percentage of the caught burglars is too low. But if we can’t do anything with criminals, we still can and even must complicate their task and protect our houses in every possible way. So, the first thing to do is to eliminate the opportunity to enter the house, so special smart doors and locks will be of service. If the breaking in has happened, modern burglar alarm systems are equipped with the set of detectors that catch movements or heat energy and then send the signal to the police station or your private security company. Some models have video cameras and fix the very fact of breaking in; some can lock all exits and keep the criminal inside the building until the police arrival.

Smart Refrigerator

You have invited friends for dinner and decided to make a cake, but suddenly realized that you’re out of eggs. And flour. And baking paper disappeared. So sorry, but it seems like you’ll have to go to the supermarket. No! No more supermarkets, long queues, and heavy bags. Smart fridge is an excellent addition to your smart home. A compact but spacious fridge with a touchscreen can exchange messages with your smartphone, and you download an app and order all necessary food, household chemicals, and other products. Your fridge sends the order, and sometime later you receive delivery. More expensive refrigerators have a system of voice recognition, so you don’t have even to type the list of goods – just give voice commands.

Roomba and Neato robot vacuum cleaners

As the saying goes, time is money. And isn’t it a crime to spend your priceless time on such a thing like sweeping or wet cleaning! Now you may forget about this boring and bitter everyday duty and find some other amusement. Robot vacuums – this is the secret of your free time and clean floor without efforts. Such a relatively inexpensive and hi-tech tip will help you and your relatives to avoid housecleaning forever.

While researching information for this article, I found a website, where two of the most popular models of Roomba were closely compared. Both robots are charged from the outset, and then turn on and vacuum the floor. Due to their compact size and elaborate design vacuum cleaners can reach the most inaccessible places under sofas, beds, cupboards, and tables. Some models additionally have special brushes and clean flat surfaces as well as carpets. Remote control and special apps allow users to run it via smartphone. You can turn it on and off no matter, whether you are inside the house or not. Robot vacuum cleaner will become a wonderful and really useful addition to your Smart Home.

Smart Outlets

Forgotten electric devices are one of the main reasons for fires. Of course, we get so used to useful irons, coffee machines, hair dryers, etc. that can`t imagine our life without them any longer. And here comes a question – if life without them is impossible, how to protect ourselves and our houses? The smart outlet is the thing that can prevent great problems. Producers offer us two types of outlets – the first one is a kind of switch, the second one is set into the wall instead of an ordinary outlet. They can connect with smartphones or some other control device and turn on/off remotely from any place. In combination with other Smart Home systems, they adapt to your lifestyle and habits, for example, turn on an electric kettle right before your waking.

Smart Air Conditioning Control System

Temperature is an essential element of a comfortable house. Stuffy air provokes headaches and sleeplessness, while cold and constant drafts can cause flu. Take care of yourself and let Smart Home take care of you. Smart AC control system includes one and more air conditioners and individual control and command center. You use your smartphone program, choose air temperature, humidity level, the center receives commands and sends it to the air conditioner, changing its work. The system can keep different temperature levels in different rooms. Easy, fast, convenient – that’s how it should be.

The secret of comfort is in trifles. Soft bright rags, a vase on the table, small lamp in the bedroom – all these things unimportant at first sight are the main elements that create the atmosphere. Smart Home can help you in such trifles as energy economy, temperature regime, lights control, and many others. Smart Home is calm. No worries about irons left on or unlocked the front door. A lot of detectors and systems with remote control will do everything themselves. They also will help you save energy and, consequently, money. Besides, if you still think that Smart Home is too expensive, and it rather wastes your cash than save, you are very wrong. Hi-tech technologies are continually developing, and devices become more available than before. Modern market offers us a great rank of useful products at a relatively modest price. Some appliances still demand some expenses, but this investment will be beneficial. Finally, you’ll save more money than you spend now. Comfort life is indeed worth it.


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